Read what the media say about naughty NASA Subject: Encyclopedia Brittanica

Thanks for your speedy reply to my query. I didn't think you had anything to do with the info labels appearing on your YT videos directing viewers to an article on EB supporting NASA and their Apollo Fairy story. If you requested that YT remove them and they havn't done so, then it just goes to show that both Youtube, and EB are working hand in glove with the CIA and US government to deceive American citizens by feeding them lies, untruth and disinformation. What utterly corrupt and downright disgusting organisations.

Has the USA really sunk to such a low level? It certainly has, and yet they have the audacity to criticise Russia, China and North Korea when none of those countries deceive their citizens like this. I've also noticed that you can no longer acces your YT channel directly from the YT searchbox, and can only access it via the APOLLO VIDEOS link on your webages. Further proof that they are going to extreme lengths to steer people away from your excellent material, and other solid evidence of fakery.

Author: Couldn't agree more with your comment. As a young child in schooI I always looked up to Encyclopedia Brittanica as the definitive source of detailed, truthful information on any subject. Not any more as it's become a bible for spreading US propaganda lies, untruth, and other disinformation. Subject: Moon Landings

Not sure if you will ever see this, but I completely agree! I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir too. I've noticed one thing that no one else has ever talked about. The Earth's position in the moon sky was never depicted correctly. They would pan up with the camera at a 45° angle, revealing what looked uncannily like the moon in the Earth's sky on a small moon night. The Earth would've been extremely close to the astronauts zenith because of where they were on the moon's surface. It would have been pretty darn big too. Then, of course, there is the footage of the astronaut falling and the other one says "Let me give you a hand" and never really grabs hold of him at all. The fallen astronaut slowly rises up from the ground and while only one foot is on the moon's surface, his foot shifts (slides forward in the dirt) exactly as if his weight is being pulled up by a cable. Completely impossible physics unless one is suspended by a cable. Further proof it is all fake as far as I'm concerned.
Author: I agree. When the Earth is viewed from the Moon's surface, it should appear much, much larger than what the Moon appears when viewed from Earth. Six times larger in fact, but NASA's fake Moon pics show the Earth to be the same size as what the Moon looks when viewed from Earth.

Lee Comet Subject: UNCLE SAM BACKS MOON HOAX video

Thank you for sharing this!! It blows my mind how many of my "educated" friends think I'm crazy for not believing the Apollo missions.. I study every piece of info on the moon landings and related information that I can.. During the 1969 supposed moon mission, scientists said that there were huge amounts of radiation and solar flare activity which would have cooked astronauts...I also found information that in the 1950s, some scientists realized that they could aim powerful lasers at the moon and it would reflect back down, without the help of a mirror!! For those who say the mirror left on moon is proof that they made it, just remember that they can get a reflection off the moon itself ! Anyway, people need to research more instead of saying that they saw the landing on television.

Andi Burger Subject: SURVEYOR LUNAR VEHICLE video

Hello Apolloreality I was watching your videos some years ago, that's why I remembered your channel's name. There is unison among scientists, that space is full of stardust, which is constantly falling upon all heavenly bodies. This stardust is accumulating over the millenia and should also be seen on the moon. Given, scientists disagree(d) over the exact amount of it; but it should be visible, at least an inch or so. Now the specialty of dust on the moon, moondust, is how it is distributed (on the real moon). It should be distributed EVENLY. That's not how we perceive it on the Apollo-pics. On those fake pictures the dust is remarkably missing on top of stones, rocks and boulders. It should have given the impression of freshly fallen and undisturbed snow, because on the moon there is neither wind nor weather like on earth to clean the surfaces. Moreover moondust has only one sixth the weight as earthdust. The only disturbances could have been from meteorites and the like, but that should leave unmistakable traces, and should also hit flat surfaces and rocky surfaces alike, with no tailwind following the meteorites.You can distribute this new finding as you like, in fact for this reason am I writing these lines, because I do not have the necessary skills for that.

Author: Lack of Moon dust on the rocks, is referenced on the
APOLLO FACTS page. Subject: Fake Moon Landing

Sam, Thank you for your email, much appreciated. Sounds like your thinking was way ahead of its time. ;-) Like Sibrel, Percy etc, for decades I too believed we went ( I was 4 years old when it happened) because for years no one around that I was aware of seemed to question it. It wasn't until early last year that I even saw the movie Fox released in 2000 with Percy, Kaysing etc. And the incidents with Sibrel on the News etc made me look into the whole thing a little more closely. I must admit I had a strong dislike for Sibrel and viewed him as a stirrer. And I was even stupid enough to believe the Myth busters debunking of the claims from that film... the flag waving, Aldrin descending the Lem, footprints etc. But since then I have come to realize Mythbuster tests were very one sided, and they have proved to be fraudulent in their findings. I used to love that program but now refuse to watch it.
It's true that once your emotional blinders are removed, the whole thing becomes incredibly obvious it was all faked. Its also mind boggling that anyone who has done the research (as Pans claim to have done) will still defend Apollo landings as truthful (thank God I'm not that stupid). You are fortunate to have been one of the few who never needed their emotional blinders removed in the first place. Your site is very eye opening, and has a great deal of information available that I haven't seen anywhere else to date. It must have been a great experience for you to have someone from Apollo come forward and admit that it was faked. Did they mention if CIA tactics were used to keep everyone quiet ? Has Tuttle ever contacted you?
And as for the case with Kaysing, it makes me sick how Pans mock this guy on YouTube etc, its a huge disrespect to him and his family, some of Pans are the most disgusting foul mouthed individuals on the planet. As for your advice with Pans, you are right they are insane individuals, but I have actually had some good debates with different ones at times, when they eventually run out of things to come back with they stop responding, so I kinda hope that maybe a seed was planted lol...but I think I'm deluding myself. I'm a bit of a smart ass the way I talk to them sometimes which isn't in my nature, but it shows how easily they can get a person to back up by their unintelligent, ludicrous arguments. Anyway dude, thanks for sharing your story. Keep up the great work with your site.

All the best, Cameron New Zealand
. Subject: More and more people question the Apollo Moon Missions

Hi there, The Moon is observed by X-ray telescope. It means Moon's surface has extreme level of radiation and high energy particles. The space suit Apollo astranuts supposedly wear in complete vaccum is made out of layers of fabric. Complete vaccum in space is zero pressure. When pressure drops, living organism's soft tissue will expand, leaks fluid.

According to NASA's data about Moon's surface temperature which fluctuates between minus 130 to plus 100 degrees Celsius, the space suit required to portable HVAC system that maintains temperature. The space suit did not have such HVAC system nor the lunar lander. These are some of hard problems that mankind has to overcome for space exploration in near future.  Regards Hughe Subject: Thank you for site

Your site is excellent. No frills, just the facts. I knew the Apollo "moon landings" were fake,  instinctually, 20 years ago. The Van Allen radiation belts start around 1,000 miles above earth's surface, and continue for about 24,000 miles. If Apollo 11 took 96 hours to reach the moon, which was around 238,000 miles away, that is an average flight speed of 2,497 mph. Meaning the astronauts - in their tin can shuttle - would have spent nearly 10 hours in this deadly radiation, in each direction. They would have been cooked to a crisp. Great job on the site. I will continue to research it more. At work, I have been pleasantly surprised to see that pretty much everyone on my team recognizes that the Apollo missions were complete and total BS. Thank you. Fernando

yoram@ Subject: Your Apollo Truth webpage.

Good piece. Concise, at the same time complete and clearly written. Until now I had mainly read articles in which the arguments were often a mix of plausible and ridiculous. For me, this is the first article whose argumentation is strong from start to finish. I was a bit dubious about the reality of the moon landings, but this one convinces me. The moon landings have therefore been staged. Subject: NASA footage..

My name is Nasrin, and I was reading your excellent articles, debunking NASA's Apollo program; I was curious if you happened to have any ''damning'' video footage, lol, that you would be willing to email me, just for private use, or strictly educational, perhaps to be posted on my personal channel. Just asking, and thank you for your time. Subject: I just discovered you website about the faking of the Apollo landings.

For several years I have been studying so-called conspiracy theories.  Most of them turn out to be true, and supported by alternative media.  In order to qualify as conspiracy theories, they also need to be denied by Wikipedia.  JFK was not killed by Oswald, 9/11 was done by the US government, and so on for dozens of other examples. The Apollo moon landings is in the same category, I have thought, but I have not committed as much time to prove it.  I am 69, have an undergraduate degree from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford.

Can you tell me your name, and are there other sources I could go to confirm your experience? Subject: Love your website

Hi, can I ask where this info came from or where I can find it?
"the day after the fake Apollo 11 Moon landing, NASA administrator, Thomas Paine, was heard telling Intelligence officer Bob Seaman's that the Chinese were saying the USA faked the mission by bouncing radio communication signals off the Moon" Just wanted to know.

Author: Comment from a NASA employee in one of the FEEDBACK pages. Subject: I can only answer the metric system question.

Hi, NASA is a subsidiary and/or partner of USAF. That is where most astro-Nots come from. Today, the military uses the metric system because it is easier in the heat of battle for calculations to be done. Not sure what year we changed to it but we did.
However, we need to save the original NASA photos because they watched the Fox "Lunar Landing Hoax" Show and have been deleting their own photos & videos since. Modification of evidence is also prevalent, we need to archive more originals people, lets make the internet work FOR us. Thanks. Subject: Interesting data about radiation exposure aboard Apollo missions.

Hi, I like your apolloreality site - hilarious.

Here are some papers I found which support the idea that indeed the Apollo missions never left Earth orbit. The Benton paper lists the radiation dosages received by the astronauts aboard various space missions (see tables on page 270ff). Those aboard the Apollo missions are a on the slightly higher side, but even the highest dosage (Apollo 14) is said to be lower than that experienced aboard the shuttle flight that serviced the Hubble telescope, which (I just looked it up) orbits at 559 km above Earth. I guess they just sent Apollo 14 up a little higher, or maybe there was a solar flare of some kind.
The paper by Shin calculates the radiation dosages aboard a hypothetical lunar spacecraft that would spiral around Earth many times before actually leaving it. While the cumulative exposure would of course be much higher, we can still use the estimated dosage per day for comparison (see Figure 5). That dosage is about 500 rad per day, or about a million times higher than aboard Apollo. Even if we assume that the astronauts had crossed this zone of intense radiation in one tenth of a day, and that that this short term dosage was averaged out over the duration of the entire flight, this would still give a much higher value than reported. So overall, these papers seem to clearly support your case. Best wishes, Michael Subject: Link tampering

Hi, love your website on Apollo fakery! Sharing it on fb. I'd seen other sites about the fakery but your site is by far the best! Photos no one else has and lots of info too!

Noticed that one of your links is busted, and then redirected to some other site. If you go to Apollo Data page and click Apollo Reality on that page, you get a "can't be reached" message, and a go to  "" which takes you to a webhosting site. Oh, a little FYI for you. Look into how many astroNOTS are Freemasons. AND.. the grave stone of Wernher Von Braun has Psalms 19:1 on it."The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork." (KJV)" Subject Trump takes us to the Moon.

Thank you for a great site - I appreciate the humour, which is kind of needed in thinking that the dreams of your childhood in being an astronaut are just a cruel lie, much like Santa, or the Easter Bunny.

I think all I needed to know about current US politics was the current promise of manned trips to Mars. That would be one feat, especially as SpaceX can't seem to land a rocket without it being faked footage of it being backwards. And Elon is miles ahead of anyone else (included Richard Virgin Branson) - just ask him! Subject: Jupiter's probe JUNO

I've seen this video where NASA engineer admitted they can't get past the Van Allen Belts (see link below). It made me wonder how were the space probes sent beyond the belt in the past? If you won't mind, I would like to know about your opinion on Jupiter probe, Juno. It is now sending images of Jupiter like never before (eg Jupiter's pole etc) Subject: NASA make themselves look ridiculous, and stupid

RE: APOLLO FRY UP. In the meantime, if NASA claim to have sent astronauts to the Moon in the 1960's, then over 48 years later they produce a video explaining that astronauts cannot leave Earth orbit due to deadly space radiation, do they not realize just how ridiculous and stupid they make themselves look to the rest of the world? NASA is composed of government workers after all .... and produce government results .... Your links and analysis are excellent! Thanks for your endeavors. Glenn Disney Subject: Moon and NASA

Hello. Amazing website! Great job really! I read your analysis until 3 AM this morning, and I will be reading more today.

How people can believe that the NASA went to the moon in the sixties is just beyond me. I used to challenge this belief in society but I am more careful about it now. People are so brainwashed to believe whatever they hear, and see on the TV, and what their government tell them.
Many "believers" don't have the technical knowledge to really understand what does it mean to go to another planet and back. Did you hear about a report someone was preparing in the late sixties? Apparently it was something ordered by the US Parliament or similar authority about NASA. The guy, (Thomas Baron), who was working on it died, and the report disappeared just after that. Does it ring a bell by any chance? Thanks Aldo Subject: NASA

Great work I recently woke up after believing NASA for more than 35 years of my life. I used to watch Patrick Moore as a child for crying out loud but what the hell. I like many few sheep realised that 1969 moon landing was faked but really believed that America did land after that, oh was I an idiot. For some strange reason the School Brainwashing never got me to believe in evolution, maybe that was a good thing!! The deception of NASA and the awaking of the sheep via YouTube will one day put an end to this great deception!! Thanks once again. SUBJECT: Rocket can't make interplanetary space travel ever!

Hi there, It's rare to find genuine humans nowadays, I salute for your courage to tell the truth. Rocket propulsion is garbage technology. The Apollo spacecraft used one Saturn V rocket, 110 m of height, 2,900 tons of weight. It's a size of 30 story building.
Suppose the Apollo spacecraft went to the moon what NASA claimed, in return trip back to Earth another Saturn V was required. Did they have two Saturn Vs? Earth is moving at 30 km/s in space. Even the Apollo spacecraft got close to Earth and the gravity started pulling it, without powerful rocket the re-entry capsule would explode due to excessive deceleration speed in atmosphere. By the time it reaches to 20 km of altitude, the reentry capsule is falling at speed of Mach 22 to 30.
I see why there hasn't been a physicist who debunk's Apollo mission using basic laws of physics that any person who has reasoning power canverify it. Scammers are increasing the voice of Space Exploration recently. SpaceX, Mars mission in near future with Rockets, which are absurd. Gullible general public is the problem I can think of. Anyway I'm planning to write a small essay that explains why the Apollo mission was impossible, so NASA faked it in 1969 onward, why manned space mission is absurd idea in 21st century. I'll use the laws of physics to do it.  Regards Hughe

Author: They faked it before 1969. Apollo 8 in Dec 1968 was the first fake Moon mission. Subject: Yes

Excellent site. It seems quite obvious now, but I must admit it was a difficult awakening process. Curious, my dad, employed in civil aviation at the time of supposed first moon landing said it was BS, as did his friends, some of whom where in the local airforce base. I said he didn't understand the advances in technology like I did (ha, ha). My question to you: do you believe the internet is scrubbing references to the NASA Rocket Scientist Actor, Dr.Adam Stelzner? The 2012 NASA Press Conference starring Stelzner as lead Mars Rover Mission director was mind-bendingly disgusting, how anyone with an IQ above 80 could believe anything he said as "believable" is beyond me.
But frankly, what I saw in that BS press conference is not obvious to friends that I know. I remain stupidified they cannot see this disgusting nonsense as it is. Therefore, I can only come to the view, that the Adam Stelzner character, is but a psy-ops, I mean the elites are obviously mocking the native intelligence of all Americans. I know this is but one example of Actors being used in the NASA Hoax but I am curious as to your views. Keep up good work, Dave Subject: Hi, love the website

I enjoy your site tremendously, it is good you are showing the world what a lie the whole NASA industry is. It's also quite funny that you call believers PANs, as Pan is associated with Saturn, Pan is a representation of Saturn, aka. The devil, Satan. They are believing the Satanic lies. Regards, Allen Henderson Subject: Hello

I don't know how long this NASA site has been up, or even if this is a good email.

I see flaws in both arguments, I am not a fan of the Moon landing, however, I think we have been there and are there now. The billions of dollars in budgets that we see are pay offs to contractors to make a public show, while they work, behind scenes on the real stuff. Have a nice day.  Keep up the good work. I am not totally convinced of your position, however, I don't think you are bonkers either. Thanks Gene Ulm

Author: My website has been up, and hosted under a subdomain, at various providers since 1996 Subject: The NASA Fake

i am a french, and i think your story it's reality because i think usa country is a conspiracy and i would like too say that in france because all the pepole would like too now. Subject: Apollo Photo IDs

Hello, I like your site on the Apollo Scam. I would like to request the photo IDs of the photos cited. Not the links, but just the IDs. That way I can rapidly find and confirm your findings, not that I doubt them. I would then also be able to download, and archive, those photos for the inevitable day that NASA takes them down.
I am not lazy, but there are hundreds of photos from the fake mission of Apollo 17 alone, and even the low-res file sizes can be rather large. My poor dad has been totally upended on the revelation of Apollo being fake. The final straw was when he realized that, as a semi-pro. photographer. in the 70s, the depth of field in the photos was all incorrect, etc. Sorry dad. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Sincerely, K. Chris Caldwell Subject: Great materials

Hi, Just writing to thank you for your great work on the many Apollo sites. I must admit, as a child in 1970s, after made to believe on human's greatest achievement (Moon Landing) and now finding out the real truth about it during the age of the internet, I cannot describe my deepest sadness of discovering the greatest lie to humanity.
I was surprised that your website reached its 20th anniversary in 2016, and I have therefore been in the dark for most of that time. To be honest, I am now unable to believe anything that NASA has claimed to have achieved especially in regards to Mars and Pluto missions. If it is not troublesome for you, would it be possible for you to briefly guide me, from your point of view, about their Mars/Pluto discoveries. Is it justified that I feel they are fake too?
I used to spend most of my young years (20s) reading on subject of Astronomy which has always been my passion. Now I don't even know what I do know and what I don't (I mean fake or real). It is so sad and confusing. I just saw on the news today:  NASA announces blue skies and frozen water detected on Pluto. So much that it incites my innerself, I couldn't make myself give much attention to it as that may be just another elaborate lie... As someone with an expertise in this area, what do you think? Thank you once again for your great writings on this subject.  Best regards,  Riz Subject: Who is?

Hello, Have I missed Your About page? I appreciate your information very much, but I would like to know who You are, as it strengthen Your credibility - and mine, when I refer to You. Who doesn't remember "the first man on the Moon". For a long time I had no doubts at all. I assembled all the plastic models from Revell, Airfix etc. Actually it was my oldest son who presented me for "a Moon hoax", in 2004. The main argument at that time was the Van Allen belts, and I think the radiation, regardless the source, is still a major factor when planning manned missions in outer space.
But I don't know for sure. How strong is the radiation really out there and what is the nature of it? I find it difficult to obtain consistent and neutral information from the Internet regarding this question. Since then he and I have discussed the details a lot, and now as a pensioner I have the time to investigate Project Apollo from the Internet. I found your site referred to in an interview with Bill Kaysing. Your findings are impressing and useful. I have no private website regarding this subject, only about photographic images and it is still under construction ( Best regards, Eigil Skovgaard Subject: Permission to reprint

Greetings from New Zealand: I edit Uncensored magazine, a small NZ-based quarterly. I was very much impressed with your Apollo Reality work and would like to bring it to the attention of our readers. May I please have your permission to reprint it in the next issue of the magazine? If that's OK, please let me know any bio information you would like me to include, if any. Your website will feature prominently. Many thanks, and all the best, Jonathan Eisen Subject: Moon landings

This subject I find interesting because it raises a lot of issues about the moon landings.

Hannan0000 has sent you a message via your Youtube channel.

Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say THANK YOU for uploading these videos! I have been made to feel like I'm crazy for suggesting that the Apollo missions were fake, but your videos, and website, have confirmed it for me. You are a true hero. Subject Declassification in 2026

Hello, Great site, with a lot of good info about this hoax that is the biggest shame of the science ever.
I want to know were did you find the info about declassification of the documents in 2026? Best regards. Leonardo Caldas Subject: Utmost thanks

In spite of 'quite a few' annoying typos in your excellent work, I find this to be the greatest achievement for de-brainwashing myself of the NASA's lunacy. The PANs are an outspoken bunch and this info needs to sink in their ears. Again, utmost thanks and blessings for your most excellent help. Subject: Your site.

Congratulations for your site. I am an avid Moon Hoax reader and found your to be one of the most informative sites around. That said, I’d like to point you to a minor bug. There are several orthography inaccuracies here and there, which could give PAN’s food for retaliation. For instance, combing my memory, meniares syndrome instead of Ménière’s syndrome, or Hubbell instead of Hubble. Would you please fix them? It would make your argument stronger. Warm regards, Marcello Piras Puebla, Mexico Subject: Apollo Reality

Hi I have just come across your site and I am truly fascinated and amazed by what I have just seen and read. I have been researching the moon landing fakes for quite some time, but this is the first time that I have come across something that actually shows "how it was done". I would like to thank you for an amazing informative site and I wish that I could help you in some way to finally reveal and expose the REAL truth to the World and in particular the PAN’s (Brilliant!! J). Amazing Job, well done!! Many Thanks Jon Subject: Faked Moon Landings

Hi, Been reading your excellent article APOLLO REALITY. Could you please give me your opinion on a video of mine.
All the evidence you need to prove Apollo was a hoax, watch?v=qsHCPYS9Mhk Would appreciate your opinion. Thanks Subject Grammar

Lots of nice information, but the persistent erroneous use of the apostrophe is most distracting. Subject: Good site, but now what?

HI, Good site, but so what. If they are a scam and lying why are they doing it, do they know more than anyone? Any links on this?

Author: My
APOLLO TRUTH page reveals the reasoning behind it. Subject: Government lies

American government hasn't gone anywhere that it did not return to over and over , destroying it for its own greed....there's no way america went to the moon for only a few trips to basically do nothing ......they would have resourced the hell out of it , and put an army covering it , not allowing another sole around it, just as they have with everything else they intruded upon. Subject Apollo Reality

What happened to this website. I had to view it on archive and the photos didn't pop up. This site was full of resources no other site has. With Neil Armstrongs death it's even harder coming across moon landing hoax info. I hope you get another site up.

Author: Site was moved from Bravehost to Atspace in July 2012 Subject: Need help to convince PANs

Yesterday I was working with my brother in law and asked him if he believed we landed on the moon and his response was "of course we did" When I said to him are you aware that if you researched it you would discover that it was faked?. His reply was, "there is not enough evidence to dispute the fact we never went, so it's pointless thinking we didn't ".(so obviously he had looked into it at some stage). When I pressed the subject he quickly changed the conversation.
Unbelievable....... how can something so obviously fake, fool so many people ?? I used to think this guy was a reasonably intelligent person, but now when I look at him I just see an idiot. It blows me away how many PANs defend this lie but to come to the realization I have family and people I know that also believe in Apollo is CRAZY. I mean we are kiwis, there is no patriotic tie to the USA so WHY defend the moon landings?..its MINDBLOWING stuff. My father wasn't sure for awhile but finally he's convinced it never happened (the link to your site helped open his eyes big time).
And yes I have watched the video you posted on radiation and it makes Alan bean look like even more of a moron now than he did before when he states that he wasn't sure if they went "far enough out" We know that if the astronauts were really aware of how deadly the van allen belts were and if they were actually going through them, they would have been put through multiple tests & training over a lengthy period of time and would be FULLY aware of what the van allen belts were & the threat they posed to them.
As for PANS.....the thickest most gullible, IGNORANT people on the planet. I post the odd response on you tube now but have come to the same realization you have that I'm banging my head on a brick wall debating with these morons. But sometimes I just have to have my say lol. Posting videos as you have done, and the great website you have put together is the best way to expose this lie. all the best, Cameron

Author: I gave up debating with PANs in the last century. You cannot reason with someone who is removed from reality.

korgho5757 has replied to your comment on Viking First Views of Mars:

NASA needs to reevaluate its goals with respect to public meaning funding. Some day admitting the hoaxes will be a better investment than sticking to their current propaganda. Subject: Kubrick

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the zero-gravity scenes are perfectly done. It looks like they are in zero-gravity. But, in scenes on the lunar surface, people are walking around jerkily, like they are in a Charlie Chaplin movie. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Obviously, NASA told Kubrick that he couldn't make the moon scenes look realistic because it would look just like the Apollo fake video. Also, regarding the Curiosity landing on Mars, NASA says they landed in area 51.

Someone else mentions this on your feedback page. They are really busting our balls!!!

Author: NASA never bust my balls, moreover I bust theirs. Subject: the reality is very sad

Hi!' I've found your page and would like to thank you for exposing the biggest lie of the world with very good and detailed informations. When I was younger I asked myself if the moon landing would really be the truth simply because I've found the terrain from the Nasa's footage very different than the way we saw through our telescopes at home. Not to mention the extreme brightness that would make impossible to take pictures with an archaic Hasselblad in 1969! Also the most important: the radiation that would have fried all of them.
I suggested some PANs on youtube to read the facts on your site and they just ridicularized it saying it´s below amateur. What can you expect from such people? But I think your site deserve a better look and would like to help to make these changes happen. I'm also thinking to make a portuguese version (I'm from Brazil) and add more facts. Best regards Klaus

Author: If any website is below amateur it is <> The page is not even mobile friendly, most of the links don't work, it hasn't been updated in the last 20 years, and is probably the biggest load of tosh to be found anywhere on the Internet. My sites are updated every 12 months. Subject: Great site

Thanks for your site. I was amazed to see the sophisticated 'simulators' they had at Langley. One photo looked just like a film set! Very eerie! I have since spotted a really fake looking bit of moon footage which looks just like a bit of foam spray on a perfect sphere! The still might be a good addition to your site. 12:12 at Perhaps I could send you a still...?
I am surprised by 2 of my friends who seem to be PANs! They also believe firmly in CO2 causing dangerous global warming! I think they are both atheists and statists! Perhaps they lack imagination...? I have seen a few spelling errors on your site. Would you like me to point these out? Eg 'to' versus 'too'... Any idea where the moon rocks are from? It makes sense that Apollo was 3 men in Low earth orbit. This fits nicely between Gemini and the Space Shuttle. It looks like the lies started at Apollo 8...? Subject: Burden of proof

Hi there! Thank you for the wonderful work with your nasascam-series! I'm convinced since a long time, that the manned moon-flights were not real, and you just added to that conviction. My personal connection to the apolloscam is as follows: When I was three and a half years old, I enjoyed one of the best sleeps I had - ever-, when my parents brutally (not literally so, but subjectively felt) awoke me from my slumber. I would not have wanted to wake up for anything in the world.
Then they told me, that people were in the process of landing on the moon - or any such gibberish -, and I would have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness this greatest achievement of mankind live on TV. Well, I was not very grateful for that chance, and I told them so, but anyway - the sleep of my life had gone. So from my youngest days onward I had a strong antipathy against all this moon-stuff, the images looked fake to me, the whole concept was ridiculous, and so I did not really believe it, without having any proof whatsoever.
Since a few years I am now following this topic on the internet, where the truth comes out quite clearly, that there were no manned moon-landings. Just now, after reading your famous pieces about the apolloscum - correction apolloscam -, I am having a thought which might be helpful in this area - or maybe not. From time immemorial people knew it to be utter nonsense to reach moon and stars, for our place is on the earth. So when this whole moon-travel business came up, it sounded rather foolish and preposterous. But our parents saw it on TV in the end, and so they believed it. After all, pictures cannot lie, nore can governments. Or can they?
Now the thing to consider is: From the start, the burden of proof lay with the perpetrators/actors of the scam. As it happened, our parents accepted grainy BW TV-footage as proof for the impossible; but does this mean, that we - their heirs - have also inherited this acceptance, or have we to be convinced anew by the elite, that the alleged moon-walks did take place?
When you take Einstein's theories of relativity, the scientists of his day purportedly accepted it after srutiny, does this mean, that all following generations of scientists must accept his theories unconditionally without verifying the theories for themselves, or is the burden of proof still on the theory and its defenders? Of course it is! (BTW there are some serious flaws in the theories - Herbert Dingle was correct) Likewise we today who never gave our approval to or acceptance of the moon-scam, are still to be convinced by the powers-that-be, that the Apollo-program was for real. If it had been real, there would have been plenty of possibilities to gather unrefutable proof, for example getting a camera to the moon, that could photograph the stars, or the earth - shots that cannot be faked. As it is, ALL the so-called evidence is of the type, that can be faked - and was!
But as stated above, that is not our problem, we do not believe in the manned moon-landings, as little as in Santa-Claus, and if whoever wants to convince us from the opposite, he should deliver the goods. Meaning: it is enough for anyone to merely state: I believe the moon-landings were lies, and leave the burden of proof to the other side. We are merely defending a rational standpoint, THEY want to convince us about Apollo, so THEY have to prove it. What is happening just now is: We have to find the proof, that Apollo was not real, and until that is proven scientifically, the fact of those landings remains truth. Ok, that sounds nice on paper, but what could that mean in practice? I don't know. I just thought it might be worthwhile to share.
Well, at a court of law, this shifting of the burden of proof might mean the difference between a guilty- or innocent- verdict. But here? Maybe it could mean in practice, that we should not frantically search for every last bit of scrap we can offer as proof of their guilt, and they ridiculing us, citing authorities and parents' believes and long ages gone, but instead we taunt and ridicule them about the monstrosity of their lie, whereupon they have to come forward and produce their proofs, which look silly. Well something along those lines; just a thought anyway. Subject:Your site nails it good and proper

Yep, this site nails it. It has several pages. I don't see how anybody who reads this site could still be a believer in NASA's scam. Aulis used several of these photos on their own website, perhaps their book also. Good thing I kept this site in my bookmarks, because now with all the NASA paid debunking sites cluttering up the search engines you can't find anything anymore.