Read what the media say about naughty NASA Subject: Extract from my book "Mein Kampf"

"If you tell a lie long enough, eventually it will be believed as truth, and the greater the lie, the more people will believe it"

Author: It would seem that all the time, trouble, and expense fighting WW2 was all in vain, as Nazi ideology is alive in 2022. Subject: Apollo Feedback
Hi, thank you for this response. Since then I had effectively found the video by myself after continuing my researches. The problem was that I had forgotten the name of the video, "Was it Only a Paper Moon?", thus making my search difficult. I will also take a look at, as you mention, although I am already convinced of the hoax. By the way, after returning to your site at APOLLO FEEDBACK, I was amazed to see all those gathered comments and the work it represented for you to put this up. Keep up this good informative work. Subject: My faith in Government is wavering.
I would like to say I believe the Mars rover project is also fake. Now Obama says we got to get to the moon again? Where will they funnel the money they say is being spent on this next project? It is really scary. All I have been taught about the end times and an Antichrist seems to be happening before our eyes. Also behind smoke screens. Our country is a big part of the deception going on in the world. Subject: Moonfake
Great site, I just love it, I use to work for the British space department at the RAE Farnborough, I think they promoted me out of there cos I always told them the yanks are talking S**T over the moon landings. Subject: Saturn V Engines
The Saturn V engines do not seem to have the power to escape earth's gravity in order to reach the moon. According to Wikipedia, the F-1 engines of the first stage have an exhaust velocity of 2390 meters per second, which converts to 1.48 miles per second, or 5352 miles per hour. Yet according to the same source, the rocket traveled 58 miles downrange and climbed to 42 miles in altitude, where the first stage burned out at 150 seconds. The rocket thus covered a distance of 72 miles from the launch pad. Its speed could only be 0.48 miles per second, or 1728 miles per hour, not 5352 mph. The ascent of the first stage was well within the view of witnesses on land and at sea, so the 72 mile distance must be correct.
The official figure of 5352 mph for the exhaust velocity of the F-1 contradicts observation. If the speed of the rocket was only 1728 miles an hour at the end of the first stage, it is not clear how the J-2 engines of the second and third stages can accelerate the rocket to 24,000 miles per hour needed to escape earth's gravity, even if their exhaust velocity of 9374 mph is the correct value. The suspicion arises that not only the exhaust velocity of the F-1 engine is inflated, but also the J-2. In that case, the Apollo rockets could only reach, at best, low earth orbit. I am curious to see if anyone can explain how Saturn V accelerated to 24,000 mph, given the facts mentioned. Subject: Permission please
Hi there, I managed to copy some of the pictures and most of your writings. I would like to ask permission to show this web page in some of my discussion on a few websites with people. Would you give me your permission to do so? I would include your name as the person who has put this information together. If this is possible I Thank you if not it is also fine Subject: NASA's new lunar pictures.

BTW, how about writing something about NASA's latest joke, the "landing site pictures", ha ha ha ha ha .

Yeah, that "footpath" takes the cake. Also, that alleged LRO is said to be orbiting in 50 km height, compared with what earth satellites can do, they should have resolutions of 10 cm or less... Do you really think LRO is orbitting the moon? I don't, it's all just a show for the PANs and space exploration fans in general. BTW, have you heard of the new space organization competing with NASA? It's NA'SSA, they are doing good (far better than NASA) work for peanuts: Subject: Movement in LM shadow
I was trying to find something on the net about the strange image that is moving within the shadow of the Lunar Lander Module in the Apollo 11 "footage". It is that part of the "footage" where "Armstrong" appears gleaming white in the shadow of the lander, and seems he is being filmed from about 10-feet above the lander, looking down. There is the strangest thing going on inside the shadow - you can see hands in there, and even at one point the face of a man with glasses, in black and white. It is very weird.
Author: Yes I noticed that the first time I saw the video. It proves the video is totally fake. Subject: Interview
Hello, My name is Damien Licata, I'm currently interning as a TV reporter at the international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Washington, D.C. I'd like to a story on the 40th anniversary of the manned moon landings but I'd like to have the perspective of the skeptics. Would you available to meet for an interview ? I don't know where you live but I could travel on the East Coast. Thank you for your help. Subject: Lunar Orbiting Craft
Hi, A great site as ever, and thanks for displaying my comment(s). Now that NASA have just launched a robot craft to, they claim, photograph and film the Apollo landing sites' equipment to "discredit the conspiracy theorists", will NASA have already remotely placed such equipment? Or, more likely, will they fake the images we get in the near-future via NASA's buddies in the repetivitvely-lying, Illuminati-loving corporate media? Subject: 40th Anniversary
Sir, I am a reporter for the BBC in the USA and I am compiling a report on the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landings. In particular I am interested in looking at the various hoax theories that exist - such as being filmed on a Hollywood sound stage. I would like to know if you would be around for an interview some point before July on this subject and if you could suggest a location on which to focus? Subject: Lunar Lander
I haven't done as much research as you have, but the landings do look faked. Since I was a kid I wondered how they could get the lander back into orbit with just a little backpack rocket engine on the bottom of it. Sure, the moon has a sixth the gravity, but come on! And of course the astronots left great footprints, but the descent rocket left no blast shadow in the dust before the lander touched down. Lately I have been wondering how the lander on liftoff was able to rendezvous with the orbiter by flying by the seat of the pants. On lift off the orbiter would have been over the lunar horizon, out of radio contact with the lander, and out of sight.
There was no GPS system on the moon. Real-time 3D spacial orientation requires at least 3 precisely located (orbiting or stationary) beacons, and the moon had NONE. Earth to this day can't see any of the lander bases (even with the Hubble), so it could not have given real-time coordinates to the ascending lander, especially given the time lag in transmitting data. It is unlikely that gyroscopes could have had enough accuracy to describe the command orbiter's position for ascending lander to even see it, let alone rendezvous with it. I had thought that though the landings were faked, the capsule was in moon orbit. Your claim that the capsule was in earth orbit is an interesting insight for me, possibly that is why they publish no fotos of the far side of the moon. Subject: NASA Hoax
I never believed the moon landing was real. I don’t really feel like going on and on about it but one serious point says it all. Once the sun sets walk outside and take a look at the sky, depending on where you live you will see millions of stars. Subject: Apollo Facts
Hey I’m doing a research paper and I came upon the Apollo Facts and I was wondering if you made them up, or did you get them somewhere?? Subject: Moon Hoax Websites

I love all your Moon Hoax websites, in particular the Apolloreality site. That page is astounding, probably enough evidence there to indict the criminals, if it were possible. Subject: About your site.
I've known your site for a number of years already and I think it's very good. I have quite many comments about it. But first, I just wanted to make sure the site and the author are still active, so I won't speak in the void. Subject: Greetings
First let me say, I am not sure who started the investigations and dug up all the evidence and facts that are obviously irrefutable. In fact on the Fox show, the only thing NASA PR people in charge of damage control could reply was "it's a lie...we are right". My question being that even though the Fox show may not have had all the evidence in hand, how come I cannot find even ONE source to download that show ?????? Write me if you do have it. To those still questioning Why, you have to look at history and realize what was going on during the Lunar Landing years, that is The Cold War.
USSR had put the first unmanned rocket in orbit AND the first manned rocket in orbit, in fact they might have captured or utilized best the captured German WWII rocket technology (much like the AK-47 or as originally named Stagg 1944 or MP-44) and you have to give it to the Russian people, on average the communist dictatorship kept the people more educated than in the "free" world. So U.S.A. had to come up with something bigger, grandiose, better, to "prove" to the entire world but mostly our enemies, that we are the most advanced and thus more powerful. The landings were repeated for propaganda purposes, once a lie perpetrated, repetition sets it in the mind of the masses thus brainwashing occurs. Otherwise, how do they explain for all those years that no other nation has even attempted or are attempting today to land on the moon? Squeek I Say ! Subject: Hello,
I was just looking at your website and I liked it. I would like to know if it is OK for me to talk to you about linking to your website from my website using this email address I got from your website. Subject: Congrats for site.
Congratulations for you excellent site! In my (humble)opinion it is the best on the whole web about this subject. I write you about a comment showed in the apollo facts section, in there you can read "Anyone hovering above surface of Moon would be blinded by the high intensity light reflected back" I don´t entirely agree with this fact specially because I notice that whiteness of Moon surface it´s not correct in pictures and video footage from NASA. If you search for the word "albedo"in wikipedia you find that: "The overall albedo of the Moon is around 7% ( although with variations ) it means in other words, that only 7% of the sunlight is reflected. Just for comparison albedo of desert sand is 40%.
Now, if you see images from Apollo Missions the whiteness of alleged moon surface is too bright, almost like sand here on earth. I e-mail you because since a year ago I search for an answer to this point. I don´t understand why moon surface is so bright ! If you go to site:, you will see a more realistic view of the moon surface shot by the Japanese probe "Selene". That probe bring us images much more compatible with a 7% albedo Moon surface. Apart from that I think your work is flawless and hope that more and more people can read it in order to spread the truth about the NASA scam! Keep up the good work!!! Subject: Fake photo's in Apollo Lunar Journal
I have been interested by your site. Myself I have analyzed in depth the Apollo journal, and what I have discovered in it leaves me no doubt and has led me to two obvious conclusions:
1) The Apollo photos are fake
2) Those who faked the photos did not make unintentional errors; much to the contrary all the errors are completely intentional and carefully planned, and there are many more of them than people think; in fact the Apollo journal is like a cheese with plenty of holes.
I think that there is not a single photo which is not bugged! It seems that those who gave the order to fake the photos thought they could control those who were in charge of the faking, but those who actually did the faking rebelled; they could not overtly confront those who gave the orders; they would have been discredited and would have lost their jobs; so they chose another alternative: Say nothing and completely bug the photos; and they did a damn good job. The whole thing is so laughable that I can't understand why people don't see that the Apollo Journal is nothing but a big farce! I have gathered in web pages all my findings, and I give you a link to my main page: Subject: Your moon landing site is awesome
Hi I really enjoyed this site on your views of the moon missions. I went through pretty well every photo in the NASA archives and discovered that 99% of the photos show only the front of the LEM on the moon. Any photos of the rear of the craft are ones shot at a great distance. The clincher for me is the one I attached and this needs no words except most garden sheds are built better than this. If you zoom in on the screws you can see they are not even tightened up. Even if you took into consideration that perhaps this part of the craft did not need to be as solid as other parts I would hope they would have done a better job if my backside was strapped into it. My 8 and 11 year old sons could probably hide a lie better than those NASA guys. Keep up the great work. Subject: Hawkin's book
Hi. I've just hold of Charles Hawkins book "How America faked the Moonlandings". You are absolutely correct about the book. The pictures, and more importantly the text, has been copied from your web sites. The text is "word for word" the same as appears on your web pages. This is blatant copyright theft. Why don't you sue Hawkins for unpaid royalties, unless of course he is paying you royalties, which I very much doubt he is. What a conman, claims to have discovered the evidence, when all along he has stolen your material. Subject: Thank you
Wow, I was reading your website after my boyfriend told me no one ever walked on the moon.... And I now understood everything!! I'm so mad now when I ask someone about it and they say "Of course they went on the Moon"... Come on its BS!! I just don't understand why no one said can all these astronauts not say anything to anyone about it.... I would feel so bad if I had to lie about such a thing! I mean, we learnt about that in school, we have to learn who was the first man to walk on the moon...........It's crazzzee !!
I wish everyone would be open minded enough to read this web site..... And understand like I did!! Thank you so much to whoever created this site. Hope we learn more about this very soon. I'm gonna keep on spreading the news because..... No ONE knows about the truth! Is there a lot of people out there that knows about this? Or is it just us, like 10% of humans? Here at work, I asked my collegues what they thought of it... and they ALL said "Come on, the Moon isn't that far, of course the Americans went.... ( try to prove your point....) I'm 23, they are adults!! They all think its funny that I think differently.. they laugh, I just keep on reading... I wanna learn every single thing I can, and will be able to prove it one day. To me, just the pictures... hey, the pictures, they are so obvisously fake. I did read most of the links on your site, great research. Subject: What!!!
The US Federal Government lies? Ohhh... perish the thought. Subject: Your website
Thanks for your site, even if I don't entirely agree with some of your points, I found it to be very interesting. Especially the comparison photos of the different Apollo stations with the hills that appear to be identical. Anyway, just some friendly advice... I think people might be more open to your evidence if you removed the insults and numerous mentions to paid NASA debunkers. This was the only qualm I had with your site. I get the feeling a lot of people would be turned off by your statements, even if they're true. Otherwise excellent site! Thanks. Subject: Film used on Moon
Hi, I had a look through your apollo landings site. I have never believed the landings were genuine because of the distance involved & the technology available at the time. If we can't get there now, how did we do it then? Seems pretty obvious really but one thing that bugs me about it all is no-one seems to question the actual photographic medium involved. What kind of film was available in 1969 that could be exposed successfuly on the moon? All film that I know of would be immediately destroyed & I have wondered about this for years, researched it & so on; all to no avail. Subject: Favourite Your Site
I just wanted to check with you first if it’s OK that I add your website,, to my favorite links page. The name of my website is, and my readers are mostly interested in educational resources to help improve not only their wellness but their lifestyle as well. I believe your website provides the information that my readers need. Subject: Collins quote
Hello, Here is a quote from Collins during the Apollo 11 Press Conference, "They came up from below -- as if they were riding on a rail." Here is the link: Subject: Moon and Area 51
I was watching some Apollo shows on Discovery Channel. Some footage made me almost fall off the couch. The footage shows, in Mission Control. Workers were watching the (Armstrong) moon landing on a large TV screen at the front of Mission Control. At the bottom left of the TV screen, like a channel #, it displays '51' in yellow numbers. Of all the available numbers in the world that could possibly be displayed on a NASA TV screen. It shows a 51? I saw this happen on several episodes. Subject: NASA lies
I also want to congratulate you on your website... I have been scanning all sites pertaining to the Apollo Moon Hoax for years, and it seems that PANs are getting more desperate by the day in their vain attempts to explain Apollo, and all of its anomalies. Subject: Apollo Fry Up
You've blown my mind in one night. I have a small piece of info you might consider adding to the "Apollo Fry Up" page of your site. The first Apollo missions that "went" beyond earth's magnetosphere occurred during a solar maximum in the sun's 11 year cycle. I'd say that is poor planning on their part. Subject: Resolution
I believe the best proof of fraud lies with the fact that technology exists for photos of license plates from 22,000 in orbit, (thats a 12 inch subject) photographed through MUCH particulate matter in the atmosphere. Yet Hubble, with much greater power of a satellite, cannot photograph any lunar landing site to show objects from missions past. Apollo is nothing more than a joke. Subject: NASASCAM
Wow. I've just spent the last hour with my eyeballs plastered to your website. I'm 24 so of course I've heard of Neil Armstrong and all of the other Apollo adventures. Obviously being very young, you tend to just believe something instead of questioning its authenticity. Never have I heard anything about this being "fraudulent", if you will. I've asked myself a few times, what's going on in regards to current time and missions to the moon. And why with all of our so called superior technology is it so difficult to make a trip to the moon more frequent, etc... YOU have given me something to think about and for that I thank you. I'm always up for a new idea. I have to admit, the pictures alone are enough to drop your jaw. Matching backgrounds, in all of them..... Well, off to do more research. Thx. Subject: Your Website
Hi, We've seen your website at, and we love it! We see that your traffic rank is 3048 and your link popularity is 127. With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $XXXX a month to advertise our links on your website. Subject: Bible Prophecy
Hello. I totally agree that they did not land on the moon because the Bible says so. Will it be possible for me to use some of the pictures in a book that I am busy writing? Hope to hear from you soon. Subject:: Proof of fake video's
When watching movies from the Moon, I've realized, that none of these films feature captured Earth or Sun. Why they didn't point a camera to the Earth? They never took a good video film of Earth from the Moon with telephoto lens, WHY? Because it's hard to fake them and meteorologists would be able to figure out from clouds formations and tell exact date these pictures were made. They never done it because they never went to the Moon. Subject: Hello, could I use
Hello nasascam, I would really like to congratulate you on your great site. I wish more people would be willing to read what it says with an open mind to learn the obvious truth. It is amazing how easily so many are fooled. I am trying to help convince others of the truth and am hoping you may be able to offer me some help. What I need is a list of all the NASA manned missions, the time/year of the missions and most importantly, the distance away from the earth that NASA 'says' they traveled. Do you have this information or do you have some idea how I can obtain it? Thanks for making your site and any help you can give. Subject: Interview request
Hello, I'm a reporter with the Winnipeg Sun who is working on a series about conspiracies. Beside local stories, I'm looking at the established conspiracies like Monroe, JFK, 9/11 and other large-scale favourites and was hoping someone from your website would be available for a phone interview to discuss the faking of the moon landing. I'd be interesting in getting your view on the evidence behind the faking of the moon landing, and what you believe the motivation for doing so is. Finally I'm looking for perspectives on why the public chooses to accept or deny the landing theory. I would include the name of your site in the article. If you are at all interested, please email me, or give me a call at 204-632-2770. Thanks for your time. Subject: NASASCAM - Great website!
Dear Sir, Congratulations for your excellent website exposing the Moon Landing fraud. In my opinion it is the most informative, and, at the same time, funny website on that matter. Having seen the first "live" broadcast in 69 as a four year old and having been a space travel fan afterwards until my late teens, it was a painful process to realize that it was all a fraud. I started suspecting it was a con a few years ago, I didn't want it to be true at first and struggled quite some time (about half a year), but finally the evidence was stronger than my wish not to see it. Even if one has no idea about physics and space craft technology or photography one only has to watch e.g. that Apollo 11 post flight press conference to see that it was a scam.
If one possesses just a modicum of psychological intuition, it is almost painful to see how badly they, (especially Armstrong), are lying. However, I doubt that the majority of people will ever acknowledge the fact that it was a fraud. It is too painful and also intimidating for most since it shakes the foundations of people's world view and leaves them insecure as to what else they firmly believed might not be so. Actually I think Apollo, albeit a giant scam, wasn't even the biggest. I know people with PhDs in physics, generally intelligent persons, who say they "can only laugh" about the Moon hoax theory. When I send them to your site they refuse to read it, after all they, as physicists know better. Or do they? Some even become aggressive and insulting when one mentions this topic.
Well, it seems the dumbing down process has not spared people with a university education. Never question people's dearly held beliefs, even, or especially, if they are scientists! By the way, what's your take on those Mars rovers "Spirit" and "Opportunity"? They look quite fishy to me also. And how did those alleged moon probes return samples of Moon rock, if NASA has never landed and took off again vertically with a rocket? Did they land using parachutes? ;-) I have a hunch that most, if not all, space travel both unmanned as well as manned, beyond LEO (the Van Allen belts) is bogus.
What do you think? Your new addition "APOLLO Q & A" is again very good and funny. I can't stop laughing when I look at that covered cheese tray with the "simulated lunar samples". That's great! Where (and when) did you get that picture? I'll keep recommending it to others who still have eyes to see and brains to think. It's funny how Wikipedia and other propaganda websites refuse to properly link to your site, even on the page which pretends to present the arguments for the Apollo landings being a hoax. Anyway keep up the good work and the great website, I'm looking forward to seeing and reading more from you. Subject: Amazing Stuff
The problem is people don't want to hear the truth.. it means most of what we grew up with was a lie, I used to make spaceships from plant pots! and dreamt of being an astronaut. Sometimes though perhaps the lie is better... Like not knowing the day you will die, if you knew it would change the way you live. A world without the Moon landings which my parents watched and shaped their dreams, means anything could be a sham. I don't believe we landed on the Moon. I say We even though I am from England, but that’s how the western world feels about it, the pinnacle of everything good about science and technology (which replaced God for hopes and dreams.)
I can see what you are trying to do, but I don't see what good will come of it.. "NASA announces Moon landings were faked" ... Anger and outrage.. Even bloodshed? I think if it was confirmed the reaction of people will be to never trust authority again, which could be far more dangerous than the original lies. There are some cases when we are not ready for the truth, with the world as it is, this is that time. China launch an unmanned probe to the Moon in 2017, it will be the final chapter on this, as it will become obvious to the world the Moon landings were faked from the footage and data that is recorded. It is likely China will be the first to land a man on the Moon and they will have the proof that they did. Why not let the world endure the lie? and we can be the enlightened ones until 2017 ! Subject: Apollo Reality mistake
Would just like to point out a mistake in your research. The Apollo that burnt up was not Apollo 7, it was Apollo 1. Other than that, your site looks well constructed and well researched.
Author: Yes I knew about that mistake some time ago, but forgot to change it. Thanks for reminding me. Subject: Lunar Lander
How do they explain the lunar lander if it was never tested on earth? Subject: Armstrong does not mention Moon walk
You might be interested in this article from the Dayton Daily News last June. Around the time it appeared, I sent it to Eric Hufschmid, who replied as follows:- "Yes, that is interesting. The other astronauts are even more quiet. You never hear of them at all. Their entire lives are spent hiding from people. They are such losers. I don't understand what they think they've gained from this". Why would he "make no mention" of what is allegedly one of the greatest accomplishments in human history ("one giant leap for mankind")? Very strange. Your APOLLO Q & A page is a great addition to an already great website. Subject: Apollo
Thanks for the info about Apollo. I'm not even a little surprised that it was faked, as a scam like Apollo does not seem like a big deal anymore. What I don't understand is what did NASA do with that yearly $500 million funding if the Apollo missions were faked. I took intro into astronomy in my first year of college and I really liked it, but what seemed odd was my teacher who is a highly educated person. He still believes that the missions were not faked and says he has the arguments for most evidence that confirms the missions were fake. Subject: Serious stuff
All that is needed to check all pictures from Apollo 11. If they have pictures positioned perfectly, that's impossible. You can't make perfect pictures all the time. There have to be pics leaning left or right. If someone is taking shots with any camera, is not possible to make all pics perfectly aligned with the horizon. Also I have noticed, that NASA is fixing their mistakes and replacing flawed pictures with corrected ones! Warmest regards. Subject: Hoax
After years of believing the Apollo missions were real, I now firmly feel that they did not go there. Doesn't it strike you as odd, that 'they' would put out clumsy, obviously faked photo evidence, as proof of the Apollo mission landing on the moon? How come they haven't gone back since? How come they can't photograph the landing sites from low moon orbits from satellites orbiting the moon? Subject: Sure about Apollo 12?
Greetings my friend. Checked out your site, which kicked butt. I wondered about the Apollo 12 flight time (53hrs there and back). Is that time correctly taken from "One Small Step" by Tim Furniss, and the "McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Space & Technology"? I went to horrible NASA-site (hard to find info, maybe for a reason) and they claim "10 days, 04 hours, 36 minutes" (245hrs instead of 143hrs). "Lunar surface stay-time, 31.5 hours; in lunar orbit 89 hours, with 45 orbits.". That will leave 124hrs for the "journey". It's interesting if both your sources have the same 143hrs, because then Nasa may have been fixing that time to suit with others. Just want to know. Subject: nasa fraud
Hi, Saw all the postings on the apollofeedback page, and I want to say I to am a firm believer and have been for years. I wrote a publication about NASA, although it never got published. Please send me more of your findings and any other stuff you have. Subject: lunar hoax
Hi There, You left an important question out on your site, “How did they achieve a vertical landing with a rocket?” Great blog site.

Author: NASA never achieved vertical landing with a rocket engine. This is detailed on the APOLLO FACTS webpage Subject: LBJ Classified files
I’m with you a 100% . How about starting a petition to have the LBJ files opened now instead of waiting for 2026. Have you seen the site with photo analysis of the Lunar Rover still packed up on the LM but yet its unpacked parked in front of the LM. Keep up the good work!!! Subject: Apollo Q & A
Brilliant websites with soooooo much info. What do PANs have to say about your Apollo Q & A page? For years they have been claiming Moon rocks and the laser reflector as primary hard evidence the Moon landings were not faked. However you have managed to blow that evidence straight out the window in one fell swoop of that webpage. What I do not understand is WHY NASA continue to debunk hoax claims, why don't they admit they have been exposed? It's obvious the landings were faked. Subject: Re: Just found ya site!!!
Hi there. Just been reading through ya site and find it amazing. I'm 44 and was 6 in 1969. I remember being facinated by the TV pictures in early 70's and amazed as well. For years I was sceptical, always used to say to my dad, they put a man on the moon, but now 40 years later, they struggle to put a man in orbit. How come with technology advances, have they gone backwards.
Since the advent of the shuttle missions I have become more and more scepticle and for the last few years adamant that they never went to the moon. Its only people like yourselves that will show NASA up for what they are, cheating, lieing bastards! I therefore assume that Neil Armstrongs "First leap onto the moon" was filmed much earlier or was infact somebody else in the suit. Its all very naughty, people have gone to their grave believing it to be real. The truth must come out. Keep up the good work. You do a great job exposing the whole sorry affair. Subject: WOW
Hi, Great site! How in the world did you get all those photos? You have a connection to NASA? On July 20th 1969 I was celebrating my sixth birthday with a bunch of my little friends. I remember the TV being on in the living room and my dad watching it intently. He said we were landing on the moon. Me and my friends wanted to be astronauts and land on the moon someday. Cut to 40 years later. When I was watching some nasa videos (particulary the Lander lifting off the moon) when I way, that looks so fake.
So I started looking into it more. Yours is by far the most informative site I have found. I am convinced now we didn't land on the moon. I also remember one of the shuttle astronuats...maybe Ryder, not sure, but I remember that she had been studying how to get to the moon and she mentioned that we probably wouldn't land on it till about 2025. It was those types of things that peeked my curiosity. Anyway, thanks for taking the time and effort to put your site together. I'll share it with my friends. Subject: take off from the moon
Hi Just been re-reading your excellent site again, and laughing at all the mistakes that NASA made with their cover up. Now it occurs to me to ask - and I can't find this anywhere on your website - about the so-called take off from the moon. Unless I have remembered wrongly, I seem to recall that as the lunar module blasted off from the moon surface, the camera watching it followed it upwards. How could this be?
Did they leave somebody behind to follow the arc of the moving craft? Did the chaps back on Earth do it remotely? Hard to see how this could have happened when there would have been a delay of several seconds. Or did the astronots do it remotely whilst also concentrating on lots of other stuff at the same time? AND WHO FILMED NEIL ARMSTRONG COMING DOWN THE LADDER FOR THE FIRST TIME????

Author: The fake lunar lift off was filmed at Langley Research Centre. See
APOLLO REALITY Subject: Site Question
Hi, Fantastic site! On the nasascam page with the same backgrounds from the Apollo17 mission. Do you know the NASA pictures, like AS17-134-20345 for these pictures? I'm interested in the last one there with the module in front of the funky mountain range and then the third up with the guy walking away with the bad background and the same mountain range without the module. These two are enough. It's unreal. But going through the NASA pics is an ordeal so if you have the NASA ref numbers, please let me know. NASA today says that it takes 12 hrs to decompress for a space walk.
The suits today aren't pumped to 1 atmosphere because that would be hard to move in. But back then they have two answers for no decompression. One is that the suits were pumped to 1 atmosphere, which is nonsense cause they couldn't bend their elbows and the other one is that they operated in 100% O2 environment, which is also impossible because that would kill a person near instantly. It's just rife with bullshit. It's unbelievable, absolutely astonishing, and it comes as no surprise that Apollo was a fake.
Nevermind, some guys do a very interesting thing, fake colors in etc. I tried to find factual evidence to prove the Moon landings, however it just got worse when I looked at some Apollo video's on YT, again it screamed out loud FAKE, it was so unbearable for someone who had always believed in the Moon landings. Despite the evidence I uncovered, it did not stop local Czech PANs accusing me with stupidity, lack of photography knowledge and such. Like I say, I wish I could go back to living my dream, but sadly that dream has died, Nevermind. Keep fighting I say! Subject: My dream has died
Hello, webmaster of Nasascam webpage. I dreamed about being astronaut from early age, and up to recent years I was living in dream. But since 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO (mostly by USA anyway) I was starting to ask questions about democracy and such. That lead my life into dark alley, since the truth about power is not pretty. It was all depressing, but I still never questioned the Moon landings. I thought that people questioning it are a "bit over the top", even I already knew all about other BIG scams, like "terrorism", 9/11, Iraq, WMD etc. All big ones for sure, but I was still a bit naive about NASA and... I simply did not want my dream to die.
Sadly, that was about to happen, when early in 2007 my little sis asked me about Moon landings, as she saw something about them on TV and started to raise serious questions. It is really unexplainable why USA did it 40 years back and no-one ever followed. So I was about to "check things out" and look at some of the photos, because "they" claim there are errors, weird shadows and such. I was a graphician and picture is my everyday life and business. So, I started at NASA page and when the first picture poped out, it was the famous Apollo 8 "Earthrise" My dream ended abruptly and painfully in just a moment. I was a speechless.
Every perticle in my body screamed "FAKE!" when I look at the picture, it was so unbearable, that I had to stand up from my computer and start walking the house to calm down. Since then I started investigating more, and collecting opinions. Gaining wisdom. I even made a collection of odd Apollo photos too, and there were anomalies all over the place screaming FAKE. It would be the best joke of century, but sadly this is more like sad, since if people did not laugh NASA off, then they must be brain-dead, just like I was. Subject: Apollo Hoax
Hi, I am a believer of the Apollo hoax missions, and as I surfed the internet today I found your Nasascam site. I strongly believe no man even went to the moon mainly because of technical aspects of the program and the problem of radiation. The hypothesis of being stayed in low orbit after the launches seems very imminent to me. I am writting to you today for a special reason. I don't know if you know about it but about the same time a year ago, almost date to date, I was watching a video on YouTube (or Google, I don't remember exactly) about the Apollo hoax missions. This video had nothing to do with Bible statements, "free" hoax accusations or simple opinion based points of view, as we find many videos like that today.
The video I talk about was extremely serious and was made by a team of apparently very technical people. They were only discussing facts according to their own investigations and observations, not saying their personal opinions regarding certain aspects of the Apollo program as I noticed many others do (although these personal opinions are sometimes of valuable considerations, a pure technical fact (even acknowledged by NASA sometimes) is always more credible). Their investigations were so deep, much more deeper than all of the Moon hoax videos I saw on YouTube or Google thereafter, and still today.
For example, the said team went to the museum where the lunar mobile was exposed and, after being allowed, took several measures of the dimensions and controls to findout how exactly could astronauts (astroNOTs as you call them) operate it. They took measurements of the dimensions of an astronauts in his suite and came to the conclusion that the habitacle of the lunare module as way too small to be operated by two astronauts as by simply moving in and out of the module they would have (or higly risked to) touched many buttons, controls, etc. that could have caused many problems, and possibly their death. The place was too small, with so many controls, that it was a major treath for security that normaly could not have been accepted.
The circular port-holes by which astronauts were supposed to go out, were even way too small for an astronaut in his suite to pass through. They found plenty of inconsistencies like that regarding the lunar module operation only, and they even went to ask a NASA engineer that had worked on the project in the time to find "answers" to these facts. During the talk (english is not my first language but I could understand well most of the talk), I remember the NASA engineer (who looked pretty old) sarting being mad and impatient as his arguments did not stand in front of the facts the investigation team brouhgt to him. Later on, the team continued his investigations on the lunar module, and one day, they were abruptly denied access to it.
They were also saying that all of the numerous data that "had been recorded" about the Apollo missions, except maybe some few remaining photos, videos and things like that we find today, were suppressed. No construction plans, technical things, etc... remains (or at least is accessible). They were finding it strange that data concerning the "greatest achievement of humanity" could have been suppressed like that. In the video, they also went along with many other aspects of the missions in the same technical-true-direct-observable way, everytime concluding that things could not have work. So professionnaly their researches and arguments were, that it completly convinced me that this was the truth.
I agree with you when you say that some people will never change their mind as they believe Apollo missions are true and that man went on the Moon. This video invariantly could, and, I believe, will, because it deals with real technical facts, not with simple personal opinions as we find frequently today, and wich are, with reason, not as credible as facts. For a some time now, I have searched for this video again to show it to people I know still believe in the Apollo missions, but I can't find it any more! I strongly believe it has been voluntarily suppressed, for the obvious reason of being able to convince people of the sad truth.
The video was more than 40 minutes long, and was on YouTube of Google about a year ago exactly. Have you ever seen or have heard about this video? And by chance, would you have saved it? I would really like to recover this video and definetly save it on my hard drive, backed up. The way things are presented bothers, and thus, I believe, can convince anyone. Subject: Hoax revelations
By having Hoagland embark, (continue really) on this program of discrediting NASA, as more and more of the truth is slipping out due to more and more people who are willing to lift a finger, they are effectively de-sensitizing the public to the grandest scam of them all. Depending on which surveys you raise, 25-80% of the American public believes we've been lied to re: the Apollo Moon missions. Some surveys have indicated that 30% are now of the opinion that it's entirely possible that they hoaxed the whole thing.
They're almost there. As these figures seem to change at about 8-10% per year, all they need to do is hold on to it for another 10 years and the majority of the public will be on the page of truth. At that point in time the public will have been let down 'easy', as opposed to having had to endure a sudden shock. Also key - by then all those top nazi NASA execs involved in making the decision to hoax it and pulling it off will be passed on - nobody better to blame than corpse's.

Tim Johnson Subject: Thanks for the totally awsome site
I don't suppose I ever was a complete "PAN" - as I had never really thought a lot about the "moonlanding" issue, and had just assumed it must be true if it was written in encyclopedias and science journals. Now after carefully reading through your whole site (I think I caught everything?), and studying some other sites about this hoax, I began making my own recordings of the videos they are airing on the Nasa Chanel on my TV service. They seem so totally hokey!
One thing I was wondering is whether NASA claims perhaps that some of the footage is little models, etc. just for dramatic effect and impressing an audience? Because the footage looks SO fake, surely they can't claim it is live footage of actual space ships... I am so glad that I have been able to record the videos onto VHS from my TV of many of the old Apollo Mission tapes - the more I see of them, the more obvious it becomes just how fake they really are. Subject: And the parody goes on. MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fake Dutch 'moon rock' revealed. The lump of 'moon rock' had been on display for decades. A treasured piece at the Dutch national museum - a supposed moon rock from the first manned lunar landing - is nothing more than petrified wood, curators say. It was given to former Prime Minister Willem Drees during a goodwill tour by the three Apollo-11 astronauts shortly after their moon mission in 1969.
When Mr Drees died, the rock went on display at the Amsterdam museum. At one point it was insured for around $500,000 (£308,000), but tests have proved it was not the genuine article. The Rijksmuseum, is perhaps better known for paintings by artists such as Rembrandt, says it will keep the piece as a curiosity. "It's a good story, with some questions that are still unanswered," Xandra van Gelder, who oversaw the investigation that proved the piece was a fake, was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency.
"We can laugh about it." The "rock" had originally been been vetted through a phone call to Nasa, she added. The US agency gave moon rocks to more than 100 countries following lunar missions in the 1970s. NASA said they had no explanation for the Dutch discovery, but then again NASA have had no explanation to over 40 years of serious anomalies within the Apollo programme, so nothing has changed there. Subject: luna-teek
Dear Sir,  With great interest I read through your web page. Having been aware of the hoax for some time now, your web page is very conclusive. There are a few things I feel the need to share with you. Lunar rocks that were supposedly taken amount to many, many kilograms that were brought back to Earth. They would need a huge quarry truck to bring all that back. The Lunar rock investigated in Amsterdam (fossilised tree, hence my subject "luna-teek").
I looked at it with astonishment on the Dutch news. It all was presented as truth but it was all in the humorous section of the news. No conclusions or severe doubts. It was all a "rather small" laugh. Then small-country-minded-ness kicked in and we (the Dutch) were supposed to think. "We are such a small country they won't even present us with a genuine lunar rock" So the whole thing rested with us feeling small, Nasa remaining big.....

mooninquirer Subject: Your web sites.
That is a VERY good website ! I already knew the moon landings ( and Apollo 8 and 13 ) were hoaxes, but I like the insights that the websites provide on a lot of minor issues that crop up surrounding this hoax. It's especially good on Kruschev v Brezhnev, papers in the USSR that did speculate it to be a hoax, that there do not have to be any laser reflectors on the moon, and how the lunar rocks were made ---- that photo of the simulated lunar rock samples is PRICELESS ! I really like the demo of "climbing pole with one hand"
And mind you, that is one hand gripping a SMOOTH pole, and not a ladder. If the astroNOTS were really on the moon, they could have EASILY descended and ascended the ladder with just their hands, and have done sets of one armed pull ups with one hand on a rung of the ladder. This is because even with the suit and back pack weighing 200 lbs on Earth, their weight on the moon was about 65 lbs. Subject: No doubt in my mind now that Apollo was faked
There's no doubt in my mind now that Apollo was faked, and it's depressing too because I've been a fan of the space program all my life. I cringe when I see how gullible I've been. The truth is it's easy to convince someone of something when they want it to be true. I always hated that we quit going to the moon instead of setting up bases and stuff there which you expect to happen if we had the tech to go there in the 60's. We should have continued right on, but no they always said the moon program was canceled due to budget cuts. Its problematic to even put a space shuttle it orbit and that thing is way more advanced than Apollo command modules.
No way did they go to the moon in those objects, Earth orbit maybe. But definitely not the moon. Man I used to hate it when people claimed that the missions were faked in the desert, but man that's what happened. That picture you have on your site with them digging out a crater with orange soil around it looks just like one from NASA's "moon pictures". The moon looks like plaster of paris comment by Lovell. I had always heard him say that and thought, man they were not being very descriptive for how much money had been spent to send them out to the moon. Wow, the moon they were filming it was really made of plaster of paris.
I found a NASA video that was talking about the Viking photos. Apparently that was faked too I suppose. Wow, they even say in the video the picture looks remarkably like rocks found on Earth. LOL, gee I wonder why? They supposedly sent that stuff in the 70's, yet they send stuff into space now, and it's a disaster. How about that rocket they recently launched whereby the stages failed to separate and they lost the millions of dollars payload. They should have these problems all worked out by now if we could send men to the moon flawlessly in the 60's. Sad that we've been lied to like this and that I have swallowed it. This changes everything I thought I knew because I've always been a fan of the space program. Subject: NASA Hoax
Thanks for excellent site. Having believed in Apollo for 40 years - duh! - I now question it. In particular, the astronauts don't seem jump very high on the moon, considering it's 1/6th gravity. Passing through the Radiation in deep space is a big problem. And the onboard computers they had then had all the number-crunching power of a pocket calculator. The whole thing just doesn't stack up. What a scam it all is, keep up the good work. Subject:Genius at work...
I'm interested in the things you have to say about the Apollo hoax as I am a grade 12 student currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program and have to compose a thesis for my extended essay. I am interested in using not only the Apollo Hoax as my thesis, but in using your site as one of my main references. The only flaw, however, I find with using your site as a reference, is this:-
Although you do provide a very strong case with relevant facts and figures in a logical manner, you immediately lose any credit as a reputable source with your last few paragraphs which come off as little more than a personal attack against Apollo supporters. Granted, they're against what appears to be the stronger side, but to blame it on their having a disillusioned mind, some sort of mental problem? And then to become little more than insulting, though you hide it by using big, fancy words to make it sound as if you're more credible than they are.
I repeat, I am interested in the rest of your site, as I find your material to be nothing less than very convincing. I would appreciate if you could send me a list or some point-by-point layout of the most convincing points of the Apollo Hoax, and, if possible, other web sites which you believe are good sources (as I require 30+ references for this thesis). Again, I'm not taking a shot at your site; I find it to be well-written and very logical. I just wish you didn't discredit yourself with those last few paragraphs on your "Apollo Truths" section.
Author: I'm sorry, but it's so blatantly obvious the Moon missions were faked, to class them as nutters seems very appropriate. In any case it was the Apollo believers who began the mud slinging/name calling first. Blame them not me.

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