Read what the media say about naughty NASA Subject: Moonscam DVD

I saw once many years ago about the fake moon landing. I would looooove to get my hands on a DVD with this report on it and I would loooooooove to be able to sell them to the public. I know that most people haven't seen this but would loooooooove to get there hands on it if they could. Could you give me some producers name of this Tape and DVDs so I can contact them. Subject:moon

Dear sir, I have been reading your article. I am a firm believer there was no landing on the moon, but you can also pick up evidence that there was no landing in this day and age because you will never hear any prominent politician, of any nation, particularly the USA ever mention the moon landing because they are distancing themselves. It will have to come out eventually. One other question, how is it we can look out at the universe light years but we cant look at the moon surface for moon rovers and footprints? Subject:Conspiracy Tape

Hi, I am writing from Sydney Australia and I am after a copy of the tape "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Go to the Moon? Produced by Bruce Nash, aired on the Fox Network, and shown on commercial television here sometime last year or the year prior. Can you help mewith getting a copy of it? Thanks. Subject: Research into the truth

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am very interested about your theories regarding the fake landing on the moon. I am doing a persuasive speech on this matter and would like to know what your credentials are and how you have obtained your information. If you are willing and have time I would greatly appreciate hearing from you on this matter. Also, if there are any other tips and or pertinent facts that you think I should use, I would be very grateful to hear your ideas. Subject:Another thing

I noticed this when looking at photos. Why are there no stars in the background, and why are the some shadows going in different directions, how come with all of today's technology nobody has gone to the moon? Subject:Re;moon hoax.

From Apollo 1 to Apollo 17, from J.F.K. to R.F.K., why do we allow our government to get away with all of this I'll never know! But one thing on your web site I didn't see was an astro-not and our earth in the same photo! I've taken plenty of photos of friends with the moon in the background but haven't found one Apollo photo of an astro-not with the earth in the background! Nobody seams to be asking that one simple question. Again another NASA goof? Great site.........Thanks! Subject:broken link

Hi! Thank you for bringing the truth about Apollo missions to the front of everyone's eyes! On your page you have an old e-mail address for the Ames Research Center. Comments can be sent via Subject:Apollo 13

Hi there, It seems fairly obvious that the whole moon landing thing was put together on earth, possibly by people who felt guilty about not being able to live up to the expectations of JFK. My particular interest is with Apollo 13 and I am trying to find more information on this particular flight. Was the problem really with the actual flight or the lack of enthusiasm from the general public. It appeared that they had already grown bored with the moon landings and the only way around this was to create "Space Heroes". Basically then my hypothesis is that the whole "Houston we've got a problem" story was created to increase interest and ensure public support for the following missions. Just wondered what you thought about this. A. J. Noice BSc. (Hons) Subject:Re: interested in nasa scam

Hi, my name is Angie and I am a high school sophomore in NY. My English class has to do a thesis paper about something believed to be true or not and prove that it is true or not. Basically, we have to take a superstition and explain why its true or not. I am doing my paper about the NASA Scam and the Moon Landing Hoax. I plan to use the NASA Scam page as source of information, this would be very helpful to me in my paper, thank you for your time. Subject:Of course they didn't go to the moon!

I totally agree with what you say. Could you send me the information NASA didn't give, or any pictures as I need them for school. This site rocks. I believe every word of what you say. Subject:Cool Site

Cool site, but I think you need to get rid of the geocities thing. I use this hosting only pay for the domain and then hosting is free for life! It will look more credible.  Subject: Moon Landing Site

Yo there. I quite agree with you that the moon landing was hoaxed BS. Look at the last but one picture on your site. The background is SOLID black. It's such a solid shade of it, that you can easily tell it has been doctored. I remember seing a picture of an astronautright in front of the camera, posing. In the same photo you can visibly see in the reflection on the astronauts helmet, that there is a photographer standing there, totally pressure suit-less. These points support the tuth.  Subject: Great Work.

Hi, I read everything investigated by u. I'm basically a guy proud for human achievements. After reading this I'm feeling like one of my wings cut off. Subject:Apollo photographers?

I would like to know of photographers who took the pictures of faked Apollo landing scenes? How can I reach Mr. Bob Nye, who took the shot in June 20th, 1969? Many thanks Marie Ueda, Japanese TV-journalist Subject:NPR

I am a producer of an NPR talk show, and tomorrow we are going to do a program looking at the lunar landing issue. Please contact me about this. Thanks Sean Carberry, Producer, The Connection National Public Radio (617) 353-0112 Direct (617) 353-5327 Main Number Subject:Faked Moon Landings

I found your web site: and have wondered for years why the Hubble Space Telescope cannot simply be pointed at the moon and forever settle this issue once and for all? (Although I must admit I'm still laughing from your reference to the lack of tire tracks from the moon lander "dune buggy" did they propose that they removed it from the LM anyway???) Really tho. They're claiming that they're able to directly see 3x jupiter size planets orbiting (or being flung away from, as the case may be) nearby stars (7 light years?) ... which if so, even if I haven't bothered to run the numbers - if indeed I could anyway - seeing the space hardware that was supposedly left behind should be a relatively simple matter. (What? The surface of the moon is too bright to point such a sensitive instrument at without damaging it? Fine - do so when there's a new moon or something!) Could "we the public" force the issue? Would we get more fabricated photographs? Or might NASA have to admit that they've squandered a few hundred billion of our dollars over the years? (Ya know, I always wondered why we never went "back"!) Subject:Re: Nice site...and a pic for ya.

I am a Computer technician and I do web pages and graphics and with the software today you can do anything. I searched quite a bit on the internet about his subject and the more I search and really start to look closely at the photo's you can see they have been cleaned up and altered. The photo I sent you does show the flagpole shadow on the ground between the guy and the flag by his foot, and a slight shadow above his head. I still believe that isn't the shadow of the flagpole above his head because the suits they where have an antenna on top of them on the left side of the space suit. By the size of the flag and the height it should be casting a shadow way over his head.
Also, what tipped me off at first was how the heck did they snap the photo when the third guy is in orbit?? I suppose it could be a camera on the very top of the ship, but why crawl all the way to the top of the LM to mount a camera just to take a photo of them mounting a flag, when they could of easily put a tripod on the ground next to them? They supposedly did all this care and stuff and planning while there, but it was a high risk just getting to the moon let alone land safely on it.
We can't even land a rover robot on mars right in 2000 40 years later. From the other web pages I gone through, there are no blast marks from the LM landing. How did they get all that equipment and a lunar buggy that's the size of a sand rail there? In every picture is shows the ground fading off into blackness but the entire area where they are is lit up really bright and casting dark shadows, but things lit up in the shadows. I came across a picture from NASA's own site, that was without a doubt edited.
It was another picture of both of them facing each other. It shows footprints lit up so bright on the ground all around him like they was molded in white plaster. Then down at the very bottom of the picture on the ground is another footprint that isn't lit up at all. Other photo's I seen show the same mountain range in the background. Someone once said that man can't survive in space beyond 250 nautical miles from earth. Although we sent men to the moon that's 300,000 or something like that. Because the radiation would just cook them to death, even with a space suit. Subject:Apollo was faked.

Hi I checked out your web site about NASA's spoof and goofs. I wanted to know what percentage of people believe that Apollo was stage managed? I would like to thank u for putting up such great pics and stuff.good luck. Subject:Re: FAKE MOON PICTURES

I quite like this page It was a bit of an eye opener the first time I saw it. I love all this stuff, but I've been lazy, have not updated/improved my site for around six months. Subject: NASA

Your Web Site Is Great !!!!!!!!!!! As I am into Astronomy I am spreading the word. Keep the web site up. I do not want to look stupid sending my friends a URL that does not work. Great Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care, bob v PS: Most people are blind, why.......... we do not know, but your facts are impressive. One must be open minded at all times. Keep up the Great Work. If I could, I would give you a Nobel Prize :) visit my web site at : Subject:Re: APOLLO REALITY WEB PAGE

What a fantastic web site... I am impressed, the pics that were sent to me were just the tip of the iceberg obviously... Thank you for the info... your web site is well done. Subject:moon hoax web site

Your site is unbelievable ! (I mean that in a good way). How do you have so much information, your site dwarfs every other site I've checked out, it's so damn definitive..Dare I ask who you are? How do you know so much? Excellent! You're a bright individual. What do you think is the best way of placing the sniffing salts under the nostrils of the slumbering masses ? Or do you think its futile and just worth reaching those open-minded enough to consider? Subject: Re: FAKE MOON PICTURES Here is the update from Japan:

I've just returned from Japan;after it has been aired four times by a major TV station there, a majority Japanese now know the Apollo Moon Missions have been FAKED: It's obvious like a joke; 4 years old kids can tell it! And, furthermore, its book has been published by a major newspaper publishing house, an equivalent to New York Times, and out in bookstores all over Japan, becoming a best seller. Thanks and Keep in touch. Best regards, Maria Ueda Subject: Re: Lunar landing hoax

I'm convinced. According to your site, the Apollo records are sealed until 2026 or so.....WHO SEALED THEM AND WHY? This is supposed to be public information paid for with US tax dollars. Were the lunar landings real, I think NASA would be showing every photo, bit of data and personality with pride...probably even offering 'player' cards in every pack of bubble gum. My father had been with the OSS and knew lots of CIA people. Until his death he swore that we had never landed on the moon. He knew something. Please add my e-mail address to your list. Subject: Sue Nasa!

I never expected the 'landing' things would be a hoax (and I wasn't giving much attention to moon landing) until I was passing by a coffee shop in town (Malaysia) and I saw at a glimpse the Lunar Rover supposedly on the moon. I saw how it bounced on the irregular 'moon' surface and I thought it somehow doesn't look right after looking, I found your web site...I THINK SOMEBODY SHOULD BRING NASA TO COURT FOR BLUFFING. Subject: Re: Moon scam

You need to host it on somewhere other than geocities as I got a bandwidth limit reached message after reading 75% of it. I'm keeping an open mind on the subject, but what I do think is that yours and other skeptics evidence has been a lot more intelligent and well thought out than skeptics on other issues. Either this is because it is easier to get evidence against because it did not happen, Apollo skeptics are more intelligent or a combination of both. Mind you, I've never met a person who was interested in astronomy who was dumb.
Until someone takes a picture, or doesn't take a picture when they can, of the landing sites where it can be shown once or for all one way or another, keep up the good work and scientific inquiry. I bet you have struggled against the scientific mass, but I like the way you put your case forward and evidence to back it up, irrelevant of whether you are right or wrong, it's a nice piece of work. Don't know if you already noticed this but, in the film of the lunar lander blasting off, the camera pans up to follow it and zooms in slightly. Now, unless they left a cameraman behind, or someone in the lander was working the camera by remote control (surely excessive for the purposes of a slightly better cinematic presentation) the film could not possibly have been shot on the moon. Subject: Apollo Facts

Nice to know many facts about Apollo Manned missions from your web site. I am working as a Scientist in Dept. of Space, Govt. of India. Infact I have been skeptical about US manned missions to moon since 1996 when I read about the failure of DCX-A vertical landing test. I believe the facts published in your site. Please read my ideas below carefully. The main controversy is whether US has the technology to achieve vertical landing of a spacecraft. If we assume that US still doesn't have the technology, what about the recent spacecraft landings on mars? Are they faked as well? Even the Apollo missions are at least believed as entered into low-earth orbit and returned to earth. If it is so, how US has achieved vertical landing of Apollo Command Module on earth? Are there any photographs available? Even USSR had launched manned spacecraft's into earth orbits and returned safely. How vertical landing was possible on the earth, while is argued that it is not possible on moon. And if vertical landing was really possible, why US had struggled and ultimately failed to test DCX-A. These are all, what I feel as mysteries in the space exploration history. Thanks for reading the above matter. I hope you will respond to my queries as soon as possible. Subject: FW: moon hoax for Japanese TV

I came across your web site while doing research for a forthcoming show about the moon landing being a hoax. I work for a Japanese TV production company called Topspin. We have been putting together a piece about this phenomena, and we are looking for scientists living in either LA or Houston who believe that the radiation from the Van Allen belts would have made the mission impossible for humans. Do you know of any such scientists? Perhaps you could put us in touch with someone. Subject: Friendly Email

I've been looking through your site these past few days because you bring up many interesting and legitimate questions. At first I was stunned at the seemingly valid facts that you were bringing to light about the pictures but as I looked through some myself on the Apollo web site I came up with a few explanations that I was wondering if you had considered. You have not convinced me yet, but you have shaken my faith. Thanks so much; I really enjoyed the points you made on the scam

I have some question regarding the scam of Apollo 11. 1. At first what made people begin to realize that NASA lied to the world? What web site discusses this? 2. Why it took so long for people to wake up? 3. Can American Court order NASA men to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? 4. Is it possible that there are lies after lies after Apollo 11? Subject: URGENT: Moon landing hoax question.

Hello. I am a student living in New Zealand and am researching the moon landing and whether or not it was a hoax. I have to represent both sides of the story and would like to know if you could help me. Do you know of any scientists/proffessionals experts who I could contact about info on the landing being a hoax? I have looked around a bit but I can only find contacts for those who believe it actually happened. I know a lot of the more commonly found examples of supposed evidence (the flag, the dust, the backgrounds etc.) but I was wondering if there are any that you can think of that are not very well known. I really need this answered soon as I only have a few more weeks to do this project. Thank you for your help. Yours sincerely, Dane Jacobs Subject: Fake moon landing.

You are right. I was thinking about a flyer my daughter brought home from school that said it takes 2 days which is only 240 miles from earth to get to the space station I started thinking how can we go to the moon and back over 34 years ago in just 4 days some thing just didn't add up to me .So I did a search under moon landing and found the Apollo 11 landing on the moon pictures where me and my wife saw the American Flag blowing in the wind with grass in the background. NASA is a big pile of BULL instead of paying their people to write books they should be spending it to get some real pictures of the moon. Subject:Say Hello

Been reading your nasascam and saving some photos, this is very interesting site. Brother, I feel that we must be at the end of time, and God is giving to many special understanding to help others because the system of lies is so big. God bless you Subject:Possible way to PROVE Apollo hoax...

As I recall, one of the Apollo missions allegedly placed a laser reflector on the 'moon.' My bet is if NASA were asked which site the laser reflector was at, there would be some form of denial that it were no longer operational or some other such raza mataz. That in itself would pretty much close the book on my belief that Apollo was a hoax. NASA did, in fact, say that there was a reflector on the moon....and is something that would have to be installed by human beings rather than a device merely dropped from a satellite. It would also have to be at the EXACT location where the astronauts allegedly landed. Think about it...this little tidbit/oversight could trip them up real bad. Subject: Possible Fake Photograph

Interesting Site you got there. Maybe I have found a fake picture (maybe you already know about this one:) It is about AS15-86-11603. See how the shadow falls to the left, creating absolute blackness. Except the astronaut: His front is in full light, while it should be as black as the soil. Subject: No technology to put a man on the Moon

Hi! I completely agree with you on this, I found your site extremely interesting and convincing- not that I needed to be... Another couple of facts you might be interested in: As you know, the flag ripples, and there is no breeze on the moon, NASA claim the inertia of placing the flag in the ground would have caused this, but according to science buffs I have talked to the inertia would have to be very great for this to happen and it would be impossible in a gravity-free zone. Plus, haven't people who were connected with the landings, with the exception of Armstrong and Aldrin, all died in suspicious circumstances?? maybe they (NASA) were worried that they would let slip all the dodgy goings on. Do you have any evidence that NASA currently hasn't the technology to put a man on the moon, I have done extensive searches looking between the lines, but have found nothing. If you could prove it I think that could be the clincher! If you have any info that could back these up, especially the suspicious deaths, then I'd be very grateful. Subject: exposure settings for moon photos

Do you know if the shutter speed and aperture settings have been recorded for these photos? I am very interested to find out, so if you know or know of anyone knowing these facts or any information regarding this, please let me know. Subject: Linking your Apollo Reality Page

Hello there, I would like to link, or copy your Apollo Reality site to mine at, or even use your data and pictures to create a similar page on my own site, with of course giving you due credit and the link to your original page. That page really knocked some sense into me. I would like to know where you got the data from, its fantastic. You made me go over my 5000 NASA pictures and get back into this subject - Doh! Subject: Bravo Great Site

I have been on the NASA site. There doesn't seem to be many pictures of their greatest moments. If there are I can't find them easily. I don't know about you but that little tonka style remote machine they sent to Mars a few years back didn't convince me either! It could have easily been shot on Southport Beach. Surely after all these years there must be a telescope powerful enough to look at the moon close-up, and show us. If they can take a photo of a car number plate from space, surely we could see the lunar equipment and tyre tracks left on the moon.

Author: Tom is right, the film/photographs of Sojenor, Viking and Curiosity, are all FAKE. Subject : faked Apollo missions

Dear Sir, I am a Japanese journalist who has been researching the fake of Apollo Missions, and I need your help. Is there any well-known personals, either Americans or Europeans, politicians, writers, entertainers, or movie stars, who personally believe that Moon landing was faked and openly talk about it? If you know someone please let me know. I appreciate. Thanks. Marie Ueda Subject : newsletters?

Hi, Thank you for posting this info. So many people will not believe my theories on it because they don't want to believe that such an important day in history is a fake. It was a great strategy used by the US but was a lie. Do you know of any newsletters that I can subscribe to? If you wouldn't mind letting me know that would be very helpful. Thank you. -Suzanne Subject : Re: Yes, the Apollo missions were faked.

I was heavily involved in photography during the mid to late 80's. Now it's just a hobby, but it's still at a professional level. I learned quite a bit about optical technologies & photography back then. So I had a sharp' eye for things I see, especially being able to notice anomalies in photos. You could say that I have a 'trained' eye. If I had to swear to it in a court of law, I would have to tell them that I honestly believe a photo with anomalies like that cannot be done without pasting the foreground image over the background. It's the only possible way to end up with crosshatches behind objects. Subject : 100% FAKE

This evidence was enough for me!!! Subject : Apollo Hoax Contacts

Just a quick note to say, at the bottom of your Apollo Hoax Contacts page there is the following e-mail: This fool does not believe and instead hosts a rather lame anti-hoax web site here: Nice site by the way. Subject : wow

I have looked at all the photos, read some stuff in regards to the fake landing and saw a TV doc on the subject. I think they are fake. However my wife came up with what sounds like a good idea but it sounds so simple that it must already have been thought of. Could the amount of radiation from a supposed moon craft be measured against that of the shuttle, which has never been out side the belt that protects us. Would the shuttle not have a lower radiation level than the craft that went to the Moon? Subject : Re: hmmmmm

Sorry not really a good reply, hmmmm means that you have really given me something to think about. The US government is not beyond a scheme this big, and if anybody could pull it off they could. I was seventeen the day man was supposed to have, erm, landed on the Moon. Eric Clapton was playing in town. Now I really am glad to say that instead of staying home to watch a fraud performance, I went to see something that was real. Thanks. Rick. Subject : Important true stories

Nothing would surprise me. The US governments during the 60's and 70's are guilty of numerous Cold War cover ups. Subject : WHY NOT TAKE ANOTHER TRIP TO THE MOON?

It's been a longtime.................. The moon landings were definatley a fake. Subject : Cockup #8

Hey there. Further proof that the photos are, of course, faked. NASA supposedly scored ALL of their photo lenses with little "+" crosses, for purposes of depth perception or some business like that. In many photos, these crosses are simply not there. Pretty stupid. In your photos, check out cockup #8. In the bottom photo, the cross is CLEARLY obscured by the flag. If the cross is etched into the lens, how could the flag possibly cover it? Because the flag is superimposed/pasted on photo. GREAT site. Subject : Re: Your site

I came across your site by accident and was fascinated by it. I have one question for you. Your theory should be very easy to prove. Why doesn't someone point the Hubble Space Telescope at the site(s) of the landings to confirm? Subject : Thank you so much

Thanks for maintaining this tremendous site. I am 25 years old and had never had reason to question the moon landing until a friend of mine explained the impossibility to me. I found your site through the search engine and have enjoyed the very conclusive evidence you provide here. My belief in the moon landing was not from being gullible but merely being uneducated. I was told in school that the United States landed on the moon and at that time I was more interested in girls than school so it didn't matter much to me. The first question my friend asked me was why, if we made six successful trips to the moon, why haven't we been back in 34 years? I had no answer for him. I don't know why I dismissed it so easily until now. I guess I never had a reason to question the validity of NASA's claim. Thanks to your excellent site I now know the entire truth and have the necessary information to inform others of this hoax. This is just one more example of how the strong delusion is a part of today's society. Subject : about site

First off it has a pretty average layout, but was very informative. I'm doing a report and would like to have more info. Subject : a student who needs help

Hi my name is Jason. I am doing a debate on TV for the moon hoax. I am going with the hoax cause I know we didn't land on it. But a lot of girls are going against me. Can you give me the most breath taking information. I have a lot but I know you could help. How can they pass the radiation belt near the Moon, it says in the Compton Encyclopedia that no world organic material can go by it? Subject: Great Conversation

Hi, Just wanted to tell you the hours of truly great conversation that your site has let me enjoy! Very well done. Subject : re: Fake moon landings

Hi! Great site. Thanks for the e-mail reply Subject : Linkage request

WOW! Am still looking at your site! Where the hell did you get all those photos of BG's of the moon? The Langley site is easy, but that BIG HUGE Background of Lunar Surface? Also, your study of the BG - the two hills and crater and the rock. Excellent work. Who are you? Call me. 661-245-3847 I'll hang up and call you back. I LOVE your site! Wish I had MORE time to research this stuff. Just getting old and tired. But, I really like your materials. Please link my WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON. I am Ross Marshall, first to interview and produce a full length video docu of Bill Kaysing. I know where he is and how you can call him. I trade a link on your site and will put you on my site and give you his phone number. Please don't be too detailed, as he is in retirement and getting old. Subject : Lot Number:822 - APOLLO PROGRAM Apollo 11 Transparencies

Most Excellent Web site !!
Check out ebay selling this original film of the Apollo 11 mission Subject : FW: termination of web page

A very interesting site, however I am sorry, but we cannot set a redirect for you. You can however upgrade your account to a Personal account for only just over $5 a month (a bargain really). Sorry. Steve

Author: This e-mail was regarding my third fake moon site at Zyweb, which I set up in 1997. Subject: apollohoax

hi, I have a question about the attached picture that I downloaded from your site. What's the deal with the astronauts feet? It doesn't even seem like he's organic to the setting, kind of like jar jar's feet in phantom menace, never quite touching the ground. Is this actually a NASA photo? Great site. Subject : faked out by NASA

I am a high school science teacher. I believe there is sufficient evidence to question the Apollo missions to the moon. I'm having my students do a report on this topic. I need all of the info. I can find to help them come up with the correct conclusion concerning this issue. They need to know the best arguments on both sides of the divide. Has it been proven that the NASA moon mission photos are faked? I have seen the Fox 4 special, and "It's only a paper moon". I have also spent plenty of time researching this topic on the internet. I'm convinced that the "moon missions" were staged here on Earth.
However, the Internet is saturated with rebuttal against the moon hoax theory. I plan to have my science students do a report on the moon landing controversy. But, I want them to draw their own conclusions without my indoctrination. The anti-moon-hoax propaganda on the internet must be successfully refuted in order for my students to be able to draw the correct conclusions about the "lunar missions". Most people I've talked to don't want to believe the truth on this issue. I'm open to suggestions as to how to guide my students in the right direction on this issue. I don't know how you are paying for the Zyworld web site. But, thanks a million! And thanks for promptly responding to my last inquiry. Subject : Hello

Hello there. My name is Christina, and I am a student who is currently interested in using the "moon landing hoax" as a topic for my school essay. My assignment is to chose a topic and debate which side you're on. Like you, I would like to say that it has all been nothing but a hoax that has managed to fool the United States as well as the World. On the top of your page, it currently states that you will be closing it during this month. Could you please tell me for sure now if you're indisputably going to shut down your page? I need to chose one online source for my research, and I was hoping it would be yours since your page has so much information that is believable. I am willing to admit that I was somewhat skeptical about the whole thing, and was one of the many that still believed we landed on the moon. I would like to personally say that it was your page that made me fully aware of the whole thing being nothing but a hoax. (Your page was the first that I visited). Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Christina Subject : I believe you

I haphazardly chanced upon Bart sibrel's site via comedian Joe rogan, and was thoroughly amazed! Joe & sibrel had links to your site from theirs. Keep up the great investigative work. From Calgary Canada Tim. Subject : Additional Considerations

My question. Is it possible that government manipulation extends to the Apollo missions to cover up America's space failures and the Russian's clear lead in the space race. One has to wonder, with all the advances in 34 years and yet we can't return to the Moon, not land consistently and safely on Mars.. I truly hope the planets and stars are our destiny, but I am convinced that we are fragile beings who are bound to our planet, and unfortunately still have not focused on taking care of it. It appears we may not be able to simply change planetary address as we have for so long been led to believe. Subject : Moon Landing Hoax

I don't know why you are wasting your time on this moon hoax stuff anyway. After all, everyone already knows that the moon landings were faked. Maybe when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, or one of the other "moon" astro"nots" is about to die, that he will tell all in a death bed confession. Which makes me wonder. Maybe you could investigate the circumstances under which Charles "Pete" Conrad died. I just can't hardly believe that guy, as smart as he was, died in a motorcycle incident. Maybe, he was getting ready to tell all which is why NASA had him silenced. What do ya' think? Could you look in to that for me? NASA probably put Alan Shepherd down because he was ready to talk. You know his wife died within just a few weeks of his death. Maybe she knew he was "silenced" and was about tell what she knew. Subject : FAKE

Hello my name is Rick I'm in 6th grade and me and my pal Ken are doing a report on the moon mission being FAKE so if you guys could give us some more info or research sites. + me and Ken Found something very suspicious about a certain picture that had some metal thing of a bob planted into the moons surface but it did not have a shadow! Subject : Makes sense

Dear moonfake, On your page titled "Apollo Truth", you state, " However for many Apollo astronauts, the alleged Moon landing was their FIRST AND ONLY space mission, which seems somewhat odd." It does seem odd if the moon trips were a hoax. If a hoax, why not use the same few astronauts over and over, thereby "limiting the few in the know" and answering your concern about experienced spacemen and so on. Also, why even go to the trouble of faking several moon shots when Apollo 11 would have sufficed in achieving the goal of glory for the US by stepping on the moon. The additional missions seem odd, especially after the Apollo 13 hoax which should have been a perfect excuse for ending the supposed moon missions, "limiting the few in the know", and minimizing NASA's chance of exposure. PS: I'd hate to see your site removed. Also, I viewed it 11APR2001; are you enduring? Curious.

Author: The answers to your questions can be found on my
APOLLO Q & A section at the bottom of APOLLO FACTS.

"USER" <Apollo Insider> Subject : The King's English?

OK, all right, you are absolutely correct about the Apollo farce. But it certainly does not help YOUR credibility when your web site text is rife with typos, misspellings and downright poor grammar! And you guys are in the UK? Hopefully not England, as you have slaughtered the King's English! Subject : The wrong Stuff

Hi, Can you tell me where I may find some cool books on the moonfake theory? Perhaps even a documentary other than the Fox 5 one that aired recently? Thanx Marianne Subject : stars

The "sky" in the pictures are total blackness and the moon has no atmosphere. So why aren't there any stars visible? It should be the best star gazing site ever. Subject : Faked moon landing

Hi, I recently have been really into all of the fake moon landing articles and now believe that the truth is we never went. I was wondering if you know the reason for faking these missions. I saw that show on FOX and do you believe that all this was done at area 51? I don't know if you saw that program or not, but they showed pictures that were supposedly shot on the moon and then pictures of area 51 and they were identical. That blew my mind. I was also curious why you are taking your web site off tomorrow. Thank-you. Subject :THANX

You know, I had a teacher in high school in the 70's who was of the opinion that the moon landings were fake, she was telling us the details....and someone in the class must've gone home to Mom & Dad and told....she was fired not long after. I went to high school near an Air Force base, so coincidence???? I don't think so. But she planted the seeds of doubt in my mind and I have thought about this for YEARS.....and I agree....there is no way those photos are anything but BS Subject : Love your site

Thank you for telling us the truth about the alleged moon landings. Subject : The deeper one digs.

The more I research this the more convinced I become. I am in communication with Bill Kaysing (Fox Special), Bart Sibrell (A funny thing happened on the way to the moon) and it seems there is just too many things that cannot be explained away. I have probably spent over $200 on books and videos from both sides of view and there is no end in site. I have come across several things you may want to include on your site. What got you started on this? Tom Subject : Re: MOON

My dad and me are both convinced that the moon landings were faked, but my sister, hahaha! She will not budge, she won't even bother studying our side of the evidence. She tells me that she already had, which she hasn't really. Then she saw a picture of the ground of the moon, and she said "yeah, that really looks like a dessert." I don't know, she is weird, but I am so positive that we never went to the moon, it was so fake, a huge hoax. Well, I just got interested in this subject ... I heard many things that I couldn't explain. I have been involved in studying lighting and things, and when I saw a ton of pictures where shadows and all were so messed up, I just studied farther and farther. So I love doing this, I don't like our government covering up lies, its sad. Your web site kicks butt man, keep up the GREAT work! Well, I gtg bro. Write me when you get a chance! Subject : why is this not on TV more?

Hi I saw the fox special and was also convinced that this is a hoax. Why isn't this told more often? I am 27 yrs old and this is the first time I've been told about this...and I'm pretty smart. I know about the govt. lying in a lot of cases....Indians, Blacks, etc. BUT THIS IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS Subject : RE: APOLLO FACTS

I really appreciate your site, because the truth of the matter is that until this week I never really thought about the moon landing, I just assumed it was the truth. But after hearing a speech from someone in one of my classes, I decided to do a little digging into the moon landing. I always wrote off anyone who said it wasn't real as just some conspiracy theorists, but now I truly do realize that it was a hoax, however I will say that it was a hoax that our country needed at the time. However they should come clean now. THE COLD WAR IS OVER!!! Anyway thanks for a great site. Subject: Thank you!!!

Thank you for clearing my eyes!!! No matter the heart break it brought I was raised believing and taught to believe... They taught me this shit in school for Christ sake! Needless to say I trusted what I was taught. I mean I watched Neil Armstrong's first steps, at school. This puts to question everything. Needless to say I'm PISSED off now! They need to stop thinking the common man is a tool, Put here to Die for their lies. Biggest question in my mind now is how educated could they let us get? Pretty soon we'll figure out all they're lies. Can't let that happen can we?  Thank you Sincerely yours, Mike Subject : SUPER FRAUD

The history books lie, so do encyclopedias, commemorative videos, and the 30-year-old coffee mugs with the proudly smiling faces of Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins. When Armstrong got down from that ladder, proclaiming that it was only a small step for him but a giant leap for mankind, what he meant to say was "One giant con for mankind". It was of course fake, come to think of it, they faked all six moon landings - spending around US$25 billion to prove to the world that not even the Soviets, especially not the Soviets, could hold a candle to the US when it came to space exploration. Subject: Why?

The picture archive and analysis were a revelation. If these are genuine releases from NASA, one thing is clear - the moonshots may have been for real, but the photograph evidence appears to be crudely faked. The recurring flaw which mars almost all the photos on display is their backdrop. Pictures allegedly taken at different sites on different missions share identical backgrounds. The same hills undulate, the same boulders cast the same long shadows. And between each foreground and its background runs a rough line, as if the picture was a collage pasted together badly. This damning gallery makes me suspect NASA didn’t tell the world the whole truth about Apollo, and faked the evidence which they put forward. That leaves a big question hanging in orbit: Why?

"Bill Thompson" <> Subject: Apollo

I was actually part of the team that created the faked moon landings and I am ready to talk about them. I have physical evidence to prove that they were faked. Subject:RE: APOLLO REALITY PICS

Hi, I'm very interested in the Apollo story and the all the evidence I have seen so far makes me more certain that all the TV footage and Pics of all Apollo missions were a fake. I so happened to stumble along your web site, which explains the LEM orbiting the Moon and how it was staged. I just want to know where you managed to find those pictures and from what book. I haven't managed to find any of these pictures on NASA's site and a lot of pictures in the official record are missing as well. Please help a researcher out. It is quite interesting you say that many pics are being removed.
Last night I went to the Apollo Archive Site and downloaded all Apollo 17 & 16 pics in the Gallery. Everybody knows about the C-Rock in the Apollo 16 Record. If you look at C-Rock pic, measure roughly the length of shadow made by the left rear wheel of the rover. Once done look at the picture (non-C-Rock), the giveaway is that the astronauts leg should have the shadow of the Rovers left wheel covering it.
This proves this image has been digital created to dismiss Ralph René's claim. Check it out and tell us what you think. Instead of NASA simply removing pictures, they are carefully adding pictures to the archive site daily. Most of the pictures shown in the hoax videos and web sites haven't been posted on the Archive Site only the ones that they have to use (example Aldrin reflecting the Landing shot) pictures. It's good to finally talk to somebody who is open minded. Most people dismiss the hoax theory as they can't comprehend how it could be done. Subject: moon rock

Hello I've been reading your site as of late and find it interesting and captivating. Originally I took an extremely skeptical view to your claims, however at the very least, I say that that there needs to be some explaining done by NASA. I especially question why the black background shows no stars, the sky should be lit up with all kinds of pin lights from said stars---hell I can see them from earth even with ambient light and with earths atmosphere. I always questioned how the hell they got that Land rover on the moon. As a kid I remember saying why did they add fender guards --its added weight, takes up space and is absolutely useless.
I also question how we went to the moon so often, and then as TECHNOLOGY increased exponentionally---we cant get back there. At the very least, I'm keeping an open mind. Even in the best of circumstances the only proof that we went to the moon is the photos and video NASA gave us, and that appears to be riddled with problems which NASA could easily refute if the were telling the truth yet they refuse to. I don't understand why they will not declassify the rest of the documents for another 24 years--WHATS THE HOLD UP?
Here's a question you can help me with: With all the incredible telescopes we have on earth (KIT PEAK) has there been anyone that has seen the flag and rover we left behind on the moon? This would help shed truth one way or another---yet I've never read of such an account. Thanks great site, I now plan on renting the old movie Capricorn One which I was told was an account of how this whole event was staged on a Hollywood studio stage. Thanks Scott. Subject: Just in case you haven't read this.

Faking of the moon missions stopped because it was impossible to continue the hoax without being ultimately discovered: And of course they ran out of pre-filmed episodes. No man has ever ascended higher than 300 miles, if that high, above the Earth's surface. No man has ever orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program. If man has ever truly been to the moon it has been done in secret and with a far different technology. The tremendous radiation encountered in the Van Allen Belt, solar radiation, cosmic radiation, temperature control, and many other problems connected with space travel prevent living organisms leaving our atmosphere with our known level of technology.
Any intelligent high school student with a basic physics book can prove NASA faked the Apollo moon landings. There are over a hundred very simple and very easy to prove valid scientific reasons why NASA and the Apollo Space Program are two of the biggest lies ever foisted upon the unsuspecting and trusting People of the world. Most, if not all, of the photos, films, and videotape of the Apollo Moon Missions are easily proven to be fake.
Anyone with the slightest knowledge can easily prove that NASA faked the visual records of the Apollo Space Program. Some are so obviously fake that when the discrepancies are pointed out to unsuspecting, and somewhat gullible viewers an audible gasp has been heard. Some have actually gone into a mild state of shock, some people break down and cry. I have seen others become so angry that they have ripped the offending photos to shreds while screaming incoherently.
Recent revelations of the fraudulent nature of NASA and the Apollo space program by the Intelligence Service and others has resulted in a flood of propaganda, television programs, and films designed to keep the people trapped in a deep ignorant sleep. The most ambitious are "Apollo13" and "From the Earth to the Moon," both involving the actor/producer Tom Hanks. Please do not put my e-mail address on your web page for I fear stupid counter arguments from the anti hoax lobby. There are already to many gullible people in my life, the last thing I want is to receive idiotic counter replies to my e-mail. Subject:source of pix
Hi, Great site....... just got thru going over all the comments from others. you have info available as to how and where these pix got out-of-bag? Any dates available as to when they were shot and who took them? Those pix of the rotating sphere, fake lunar surfaces, and trolley mounted camera, are REAL KILLERS. I do radio shows on these issues and it would be great to have some back-up info of documentation as to their authenticity etc.
I forget if I mentioned it in my last letter, but I heard Dr. Brian O'leary speak at an expo here in SF a few months back. He didn't 'go to the moon' but he was in the program. I asked for an interview which he granted. Then, as I acknowledged that I wanted to ask him about the Apollo Missions, he clammed up and changed his tune altogether, saying that he didn't want to go backwards......... imagine, he considers it going backwards talking about one of the 'greatest achievements' in history. Of course we know what that means......... he doesn't want to get trapped in that quicksand. Regards WC. Subject: Suspension wires.
I once met a bloke in our local supermarket who was an avid Apollo fan. He had all the DVD's etc, and would scoff at any suggestion the Moon landings were fake. I told him to study the video's and photographs, and look for discrepancies which proves they are fake. He went away thinking I was some kind of nut to suggest the landings were fake, however the next time I saw him he was extremely excited. He asked me to go back to his place and look at one of his Apollo DVD's. He admitted that although he had played them a few times, he hadn't studied them very hard, in other words he wasn't looking for any anomalies.
The video he played back was of Apollo 17 astronaut Schmitt bouncing on the Moon. "Look" he said. "There's a bloody wire showing above his head, so he's suspended in some way, what a bloody con". He took the DVD out of his PC, then threw it in the nearby waste bin. I told him to take his Apollo DVD's down to the local charity shop. "Some PAN will probably buy them" I said. I think they sold for about 50p. Cheap at any price, but then NASA's scam is a cheap hoax. Brilliant web site, the best on the net for exposing the Fake Moon Landing's, keep it up.