Read what the media say about naughty NASA Subject: Apolloreality Photo's
I've been very impressed by your Apollo Reality site. The pictures were very interesting and the analysis was well presented. I am very interested in finding out more information about the historical photos from the LRC. Can you provide any further information about the sources for these photos and/or the book that some of them were taken from? Any background information available would be appreciated and helpful for my research.I think it was really the rail that got me. Why would you need to simulate the movement at a specific speed? I can understand doing some kind of trial run, but since everything would be so different in actual space why the need for the EXACT copy to scale?
The other factoid I found enlightening was that Boeing destroyed their copies of the plans for the rover. The plans should have been sent to the Smithsonian. As for the astronauts - I think they were told they were filming the scripted version just in case of technical difficulty to give the people a show. Judging by the looks on their faces, they weren't told about the scam until shortly before their scheduled trip to the moon. The press conference film from Apollo 11 is one of the most telling documents in US history. Please let me know if you have any larger copies of any of the photos. Somewhere on my computer I have a copy of one of the official Apollo photos that shows the stage lights overhead. That's another favorite. Thank you for posting these records for others to see. Subject: Apollogia
Hey, great site, brilliant research and knockout evidence. Nasascam, and all us other hoax believers, I think you'll enjoy this fascinating dilemma for the Apollogists. Given that, at the latest, they say they are going by 2019, I wonder how NASA-CIA is going to succeed in faking the first real Moon landing; how to explain away solving the radiation problem, and a myriad of troubles the ignorant corporate suckers who head NASA-CIA must be angsting over on their Key Biscayne yachts. Subject: Fake Moon Landings
Hi. I was looking at the pictures of the moon vehicle. It struck me that this vehicle is not capable of negotiating the terrain on the moon because it appears to not have the necesary suspension and ground clearance to negotiate those uneven surfaces and rocks. I also doubt the capacity of a vehicle from forty odd years ago to function over those distances reliably on the moon. Also traction may be a problem since there is supposedly one sixth gravity. All that delicate looking equipment aboard the vehicle would of endured a rough ride and possibly damaged I suppose too. Subject: FAKE MOON LANDINGS
I'm bookmarking the websites right now. Keep up the good work. Maybe, one day soon, the whole truth will come out. Subject: Criminal Conspiracy
What a superb site: exhaustive research and categoric proof that NASA (Nasty Axis Scandal Agency) faked all the Apollo missions. No human has ever ventured beyond low Earth orbit. 500,000 miles round trip without refuelling, using the technology of forty years ago---wow! No tension in any of the astronots voices and movements---like they were holidaying in Honolulu, and not the first humans ever to walk (wired!) on an alien planet. A hitchless program, except for Apollo 13's joke of a publicity stunt mission. We must keep up the pressure until, as the late great Bill Kaysing said, Apollo is exposed, then everything else will unravel like Pandora's box: IRS/CIA/NASA/Pentagon/White House etc. finally on the runs (sic) and fugitives to a new, real, democratic, people's justice system. Subject: Your awsome research on the NASA HOAX!!
You did an awesome job in your creation of that web site! I thank you very much for all of that amazing information. I wondered if you had any photo's of the rover on the moon without any tire tracks forward or reverse (Obviously showing it was lowered onto the fake surface by the crane you showed us). I was shown that picture several years ago by one of us "WACKO" moon hoax believers, when I was still being a patriotic fool and have not been able to find it again since I have seen the light on this whole scam. Once again I thank you for your awesome effort and evidence in exposing this FRAUD!! It's great to finally know the truth, and Jesus was right... the truth does set you free!! A fellow believer! Subject: Doing a report
I'm doing a report for my school, and I was wondering if I can get the author's name and the date this article was written. So I can write the site source. I agree that the moon landing was fake. Subject: pro Apollo NUTTER
I have been studying the fake moon landing and I have read everything on your website. I think I am agree with you. I just want to know what is a pro Apollo NUTTER? Subject: Charles T Hawkins
Dear Webmaster: We are seeking contact information for Charles T. Hawkins, author of "How America Faked the Moon Landings," for our TV Land show. Would you have any idea how we might be able to reach him? Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
Author: Don't bother, 85% of the book is "word for word" text and photographs copied from my sites, (See Subject:RE:NASA SCAM
How come nobody questions how the heck they got that huge moon rover which two men could drive out to the moon and unloaded it.I mean it was a big undertaking recently to simply send a mars rover, probably 100th it's weight. Imagine the logistics of such a task, that looks like a heavy moon car, don't you think?

Michael Tuttle Smithsonian Institute Subject: Fake Pictures
I did digitally alter NASA images. When I was working at the Smithsonian's Center for Earth and Planetary Studies in the early 90's, just outside my office was a wall full of 3 ring binders containing over 50,000 8x10 B/W and color images taken from the Apollo training program. When the Internet came into existence, I was looking for things to scan and put online, so selected photo's from the binders scanned and put on line.
Author:  Well that's it, game up. NASA, and PANs may as well admit defeat, after continually denying fake pictures.

Prof. André Balogh, Royal Astronomical Society, Imperial College London Subject: Space Reality

The problems NASA are having with the Space Shuttle is the true reality of space travel in low Earth orbit, and visions of manned  space travel to the Moon, Mars and beyond is pure science fiction.
Author: Prof. André Balogh was speaking to Eddie Mair on BBC Radio 4 July 28 2005.

Prof. Lawrence S. Pinsky, Ph.D., Department of Physics Subject: Radiation, (God's Electric Fence)
The radiation dose received by crews on space missions is not just another nuisance type problem that needs only to be estimated and tabulated. In planning for longer duration missions, it is one of the major limiting factors and must be a baseline consideration in the design of any vehicle/mission combination where planners anticipate either very long duration's or exposure outside the geomagnetic environment.
Author: This was not an e-mail reply, but I placed it here to show PANs that their belief's are nothing more than pie in the sky. Subject: Destination Tomorrow Video
I lived in Huntsville in the 80's and worked for 2 NASA contractors there, the general consensus is that we have never been to the moon. It was a tough pill to swallow for some of the old guys, but once all these resources were removed from the designed compartmentalization, and began to share what they knew, the conclusions were obvious. I was reading your site with interest, and saw the reference to the Episode 25 in that series that addresses the issue of radiation and its effects on human tissue. Unfortunately I cannot find that damn thing online anywhere. Do you have a summary, or a transcript to share?  Subject: Broken Link, Washtech went belly up.

Your link on page: to, is dead. Consider linking to:- Thank you for your attention to this matter. Michael Subject: Apollofake web page
Who hacked Michael J. Tuttle's site for that great update?? I love it, send me more stuff, I always look forward to anything.  Subject: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH NASA AND CO?
Darn!  This is like finding out santa claus ain't real. I was wobbling between the hoax theory and believing in landing, sort of.… but in any way I do not consider myself a FAN, or how do you call them. After reading your website, I do believe it was faked, and I have to admit NASA did a pretty crappy job, obvious mistakes. All I can say now: GOOO RUSSIA!!! they will make it. Also I would like it if you could let me know if anything new appears on your site.       thx: Zsolt Subject: Lost Tapes
I'm thinking that NASA wants a computer simulation for the use in accurate graphic representations of the alleged Apollo landings. I seriously doubt that NASA would just "lose" the original videotapes. They probably want to take the old fake footage and use computer models to add realism that is lacking in the original footage. That's why the footage hasn't shown up yet. They're probably doctoring up the video right now Subject:  Hubble view of landing sites
Are there any commercial land based telescopes that could "zoom-in" enough to show the Apollo equipment, or lack there of?
If there really was no moon landings could you imagine the hell that would break loose in this country if the news ever got out about it? If true, some day the news will break out anyway. That would blow everybody's mind. Wow! It really makes you think! Thanks again... -Alan. Subject:   Brilliant Web Site, Great Laughter
I really appreciate your website. It is so clear to me the moon landings are frauds and fake. Yours is the best site I've ever seen indicating such a thing. This is a topic that gets many upset and angry at me if I voice my scepticism. I think you might enjoy the fact that LDS Apostle, who would become Church President (AKA Mormon Church) Joseph Fielding Smith. All through the 1960's moved about in conferences and congregations throughout Utah and Idaho stating that Man would not go to the moon.

I have many uncles and aunts who heard him state this to be the case. I'm sure there were many who objected to his "lack of patriotism" for such statements. He was also a pilot as well, so was not in the dark as to aviation. Thanks for the great site. Subject:  pictures on your site are not working
Thanks for responding. You are right, after a few hours it works again. Your site is terrific. Your glib and humorous narrative is fun to read. I hope you are planning on expanding it further. At least moving to a more regularly accessible site, especially one that is picked up by the search engines more. Your site deserves much more publicity. It would also be great if you could incorporate video on the sites. A few suggestions: Have you considered noting the NASA photo numbers for the photos that you expose on the site. It would be very helpful in getting people to realize that we have not photo shopped the pictures and cross-reference on their own. Subject:  re: your site
Hi,  Excellent site. Excellent research. I made a blog page about what I saw wrong with certain NASA archived images and some videos, nothing to the extent your site delves into. But if you wanna have a look and leave a comment feel free to.http://fauxpas Are you still updating your site with new info etc? Is there any proactive pressure being applied in the US about pushing NASA/the US Govt to release declassified info etc? Forcing some kind of commission or court action? Is it even still being much talked about in the media? Thanks Sam. I've bookmarked your sites, as I just love your work.  Subject: Nowt in the sky
I've noticed that on a clear night, the sky is full of thousands of stars, shouldn't those stars be more noticeable up there?, but you don't even see one.  Subject: NASA Liars
I have finally found a place being your site that I can call home. Your web site is exactly what I have believed for a long time. I feel better now knowing there truly are great numbers of people that can use their brain and see it all was a fake. They wasted millions if not billions of Americans money. I still don't know why unless it was to show the Russians that the USA could do it first. Where did all the money go and what was it used for? Many unanswered questions remain. I get so tired of idiot people I meet on the street that as you say hook, line and sinker believe that cause it was told to us and we seen some pictures on the television that it happened.
When you do your homework on this subject you see that the evidence of us not going far greater than we did go. I remember all through middle school studying about the Moon and all the missions and taking tests and being graded on it and its all bullshit. Just a bunch of bullshit lies that all my teachers really believed and tried to brain wash me to believe it too. I am a grown man now and have children of my own and I tell them the Moon landings were faked regardless of what they teach my children in school. They try and brain wash them in school and when they get home that get a big dose of reverse information that we did not go.
There was much that you did not mention. Just a few examples is how did the cross hairs on the camera get behind some of the images or how come the LM did not make a huge crater when it landed if the soil was so soft and powdery or how come on some pictures the astronauts were all lit up bright white but in the background behind them the LM was dark as pitch? I seen one of the rocks somewhere had a letter on it. Multiple shadows in some pictures would mean multiple light sources. Have a great day and feel free to share my letter with all that want to know the truth. Subject: Your Nasascam Site
Thank you for the site. I find this information very interesting. I just want to make sure that with a topic as important as the faked Moon landinds that all the facts are correct else credibility comes into question. Subject: Love your site
Hi, I came across your site yesterday and WOW all I can say, SO much information on one site. How come you know so much about this?
Author: Never believed it back in 1968, and have had since then to investigate/research for the truth about Apollo. Subject: You’ve got guts              
HEY!  Finally someone with enough guts to stick it to NASA, I live in Australia. I am 37 years of age and I too have always believed NASA never sent men to the Moon, I know that Probes can scoop soil and rocks and bring them back to earth, I also cant believe that those flimsy little craft can make it to the Moon and back and the astronauts inside never received radiation. When will NASA come forward and tell people the truth?, Anyone with half a brain can tell that NASA had to fake the landings to win the space race. Take care and 2 thumbs up. Subject: Astronots
Awesome site, thanks for the good read.  Subject: Mailing List
Reading the Apollo Feedback page, people keep talking about a mailing list. If you still have one, add me to it. Thanks. Subject: Apollo Truth
HI. I read your article "Apollo Truth" and found it very entertaining. It's too bad there are millions of "PANS" with so little knowledge of the real truth. They live in denial. One of my closest friends works for INTERPOL and he provided me with some mind-boggling information about the Kennedy Assassination, Jack the Ripper, and the Fake Moon Landings. He told me, in his opinion, the bogus NASA Moon trips was the biggest cover-up fiasco of the 20th century. One thing he mentioned to me was that Aldrin and Armstrong actually fear for they lives, and that the CIA is prepared with a "solid medical reason scenario" if any of these men spilled their guts! Thank you for the great article. Subject: Dutch Newspapers
I read that several Dutch newspapers declared the 1969 'landings' a hoax very soon after the 'event'. But also that these papers somehow later 'disappeared'. Any info on this?  thanks for the great site, but there are some photos that won't open. I hope they haven't been 'cleansed' Thanks Michael in Amsterdam Subject: Apolloscam site
Hi, I am starting a website called "Conspiracy Timeline." I would like to host your Apollo Scam website on mine. It's a great site, and would be even better without the Geocities stuff. What do you think? Subject:  Here’s a good point
Hey one thing that is never pointed out. They have never made a Doll or plastic figure to commemorate any of the Astronauts. Funny huh? They have dolls out commemorating Space Shuttle astronauts! hmmmmm. Also we never have yearly celebrations. We celebrate Elvis' Birthday every year! Subject: Astronauts
Hello, I just came across your info and find it amazing. I was wondering if you could tell me the details of how they logistically did the fake Moon landing. For example when we see Neil and Buzz walking on the Moon or when Neil makes his famous quote upon his first step, where was he, and how was it coordinated so we hear his voice while he was supposedly walking on the Moon, yet was still in Earth’s atmosphere. Also was everyone in the control room in on it or just a few. I’m very interested in exact details how they pulled this off. Your info on the inconsistencies on the filming on the Moon is amazing! Finally is there one best source that goes into detail to explain all this. Subject: Prof. Andre Balogh
First of all congratulations on the best Moon truth website in the world. Truly informative and convincing. Can you give me the source for Professor Balogh's statement? Was that a direct quote from an interview? or a paraphrase? Thanks. Subject: Loved your site on NASA
Question 1: I have looked at many sites that are skeptical about flights to the Moon. Why is there not much made about the fact that in virtually all of the pictures supposedly taken in space by various mission, manned or otherwise, we see no stars? In cases where there is a space walk in session, the astronauts are mostly being filmed against the backdrop of the earth or against the shuttle or something. Otherwise virtually no stars ever.
Question 2: Are there more instances like this that you know of and do you know the ID of the original NASA footage.  Hope to hear from you. Subject: Hoax on History Channel
Greetings! My name is John Flynn, and I'm one of the creators of DECLASSIFIED, a History Channel series that deals with government secrets. We're creating a new show for History about the idea that the Moon landings were faked and we are looking for advice, information, and interview subjects! I'd love to talk to you about your website and the evidence you've presented...but I have no idea who you are! You can check out my work at or on Thursday nights on the History Channel...could we talk about your site sometime? Thanks! Subject: Missing picture.
Hi there. This is to compliment you for exposè. Subject: How to settle this dispute.
Hiya! There is one way we can settle all this. Just have NASA use the Hubble telescope to SHOW US! Subject: RIGHT ON
Thank you for an entertaining expose' of the lies that are the lunar missions. I'm 43 years old and remember watching this on TV. I was so amazed by it all, later, when I was about 15, I said to my friends it was all faked. I don't think any of them believed what I knew in my heart to be true...Oh well, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, anyway I thought I should point out one thing your website is missing. If I had the biggest telescope in space, the 1st picture that would be taken would be one of the AMERICAN FLAG PROUDLY STANDING ON THE Moon. What do think of that?

xxxx Subject: PAN’S and Distance
I have done many researches about bogus distances claimed by NASA. If you are interested I can show them to you. I also debated them with pro-apollo people. Imagine that a small rock was seen from a distance of , supposedly, around a kilometer away. They were arguing with me that that crater and that small rock can be seen. Of course, it makes no sense. I have prepared a powerpoint presentation about the photos with bogus distances, and as I said I can send them to you if you want. It is just depressing to speak to people who would come up with the weirdest scenarios to defend their case. It is amazing how tiny people' s brains become when they have a firm belief in something.
So, I sympathize with you when you receive their emails. By the way, I would like to compare the response of Buzz Aldrin to Sibrel's video, the one that showed Buzz to be "training' on using the camera to film the Earth on a transparency. He said, "Well you are speaking to the wrong guy. Why don't you speak to NASA chief. We were just passengers". Compare this to soldiers at Abou Ghraib prison who said when approached: we were just commanded soldiers. This is a very strong thing indicating that he knows that he is guilty, but try telling that to a pro-apollo person. It is obvious that nothing can convince them. It was my mistake to try to speak to them again. Subject: Apolloscam
Hi, great work, just like to point out that a pic of two astroNOTs ( Who took the picture ? ) in Apolloscam? Well the one on the right is identical to the infamous picture of Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong, even down to the marks on his knees. His (Aldrin) own words were that the picture was impromptu and that he had just turned to face Armstrong hence the angle of his right arm and the marks on his knees were from trying to jump up onto the ladder of the LM but not quite making it. See for yourself and keep up the good work. Subject: Found by accident.   
I had a picture from Japan, I was just sort of looking at it, ran it through Black and White program in PSP9 and the sky is not the sky, it looks, well, if you are interested I will e-mail it to you. I have them up in my salon now and show everyone. So good to see your site Subject: New evidence?
Hi, Recently I started doing my own mini research of the Moon landing controversy and within days I came across many inconsistencies in the NASA photographic evidence. I would like to share with you one of my findings. The following link points to a NASA Apollo 14 (or 15) video file depicting two astronauts on the surface of the Moon helping each other with some task while another person inside the (EML?) Moon lander zooms the video camera in and out as well as pans the camera from one side to another side with perfect sync. This would exclude the possibility of any remote control, not to mention I could not find any document to support the motion that the video camera was remote controlled from Earth.
Does it not prove the presence of a third person and a deception at the same time? One more thing, if you go to the web site from my link below, you can download videos from all the Apollo's missions. I personally watched perhaps 10-15 of them and I cannot find one that shows any delay in radio communication with Huston - the back and forth trip should have taken a little less then 3 seconds; if you add the fact the signal was relayed via Australia or other locations, would add even more delay? Subject: Moon Hoax Plea
Sir, I saw some years ago footage of one of the Lunar modules (Forgive the Star Trek speak) orbiting the Moon to dock with the mother ship. It rotated through some  degrees to achieve this. The problem for me was that the pilot was seen to rotate relative to the camera, this is not possible. Do you know where I can get this footage from? Subject: 100% Convinced Now
I have doubted the truth of the supposed Moon landings ever since I can remember. Your site has convinced me even more. There is however one more point that does not seem to be discussed on any of the sites concerned with this issue: when NASA launches a satellite, space shuttle or whatever, the majority of the launch-craft is composed of first and second stage rockets and of course thousands of litre’s of fuel; and that's only to launch into an earth orbit, some two hundred miles or so up. All of that fuel and power is needed to break free of the earth's gravitational pull. Also, the craft is launched from a specially constructed launch-pad, something they don't have on the Moon of course.
Now first of all let me say that I am no rocket scientist, but I can't help but wonder how NASA expects us to believe that the landing craft or indeed the final stage of the orbiting space craft contained enough fuel to break free of the Moon's gravity and then propel it across 400 000 km to earth! Even though the Moon has a gravitation pull of only around 0.16 G, I believe that a launch on earth is way more efficient due to the thrust of the rockets acting on the atmosphere (essentially "pushing against" the surrounding air) On the Moon with no atmosphere, this would simply not be the case, so all power to move the craft is reactionary. Also I don’t see any room for adequate fuel on that lander! Just some points to ponder. Keep up the good work. Subject: Loved your site
We clearly know where the "landings" occurred according to NASA. That being said - why can't we just send a satellite up there and take a few pix to verify the landing sites. Put this hoax to rest. Also, why do we need 13 or so more years to get back to the moon? Maybe to give NASA time to plant the evidence. Subject: Moon pictures
Hi, I was just checking out your moon pictures and noticed another anomaly. In the rover pictures - Why are there no tire tracks? Surely the rover weighs more than the astronauts, and their footprints are clearly visible. Just my observation. Subject: hmmmm
Ok, I'm about 99.999999999% convinced of the truth of what you say. Also, I cant save your web pages to my computer. If this is because you don't want people taking your work I'd like to debate the validity of that idea but I have a suspicion this is not your doing. I'm going to go back and read EVERYTHING on your site again and try and track down as many of the original photo's as is possible. I'd love to hear from you. I am really not that sceptical but as the govt. can pull off hoaxes so can anyone and there are some very dubious people out there on the net. Anyhow, thanks for a good I really do believe doubt is more like .0000000001% Subject: A Small mistake
Hi, I was just referred to your site by a friend of mine, and have a question regarding the Moon buggy. That darn thing would have never fitted in the lander anyway. Not to mention the poor astronauts huddling around the rocket engine. How they handled the noise and vibration not to mention the heat is beyond me. But then again, maybe you are right, in which case the problem does not pose itself. Subject: you know what!
That is really cool how you see the hoax! By the way, my name is Alexa, I'm 10 years old and I see now that this is fake. I'm supposed to be doing a report on it now. If I can get in touch with you over internet, to learn more about the fake! Thanks for your time and help me with my report please! Subject: Info
Hi, I am currently writing a paper on the faked Apollo 11 moon landing and was wondering where you received your information for your website. Also, if you know of any other credible resources, please let me know. Subject: Insufficient Technology
Hello. This is in regard to your conspiracy theory about NASA's (faked) apollo mission. I am an undergraduate student of electrical engineering student. I too am bent towards believeing that the whole thing was a fake but for another reason - sufficient technology to do this was not available at that time. Of course, the blunders you have pointed out on your site are also pretty convincing. Subject: Re: conspiracy theory (did we land on the moon?)
tank you sir, i can now use it in discusing to my class mate, TANK YOU VERY MUCH Subject: Apollo Reality Rocks!
Seriously enjoyed your website- thanks! Ps: Any ideas how the supposed from the moon radio transmissions were faked?

Author: Pre-recorded, like the video film, before the Saturn V left the launch pad. Subject:moon model
Hi, I'm still looking for the source of the fascinating moon mock up pictures you presented on your website. Can you tell me the source? Thanks a lot. Subject:heat in space
In my opinion, the two most convincing arguments that the whole thing is a hoax are the radiation and the heat. When you talk about the radiation, you need to also talk about the sunspot cycle and that 1969 was the peak of that 11 year cycle. Anyway, keep up the good work. Remember NASA, Never A Straight Answer. Subject:RE: apollo fake
I was attending Western Washington State College in Bellingham, in 1969. Bellingham is near the Canadian Border, and we received two of the Canadian TV stations. Canadians don’t like their big brother to the south. So, when there is news that would embarrass the Americans, they are more likely to broadcast it than American news agencies. In 1969 they repeated several stories from the Russian newspaper Pravda. Large front page stories stated over and over “The Americans Never Landed on the Moon”. I’ve tried to find copies from those old papers, I haven’t yet. Subject:interested in moon landing hoax.
In recent months I have become quite interested in becoming as sure as I possibly can be that the moon landings were faked. I have seen all of Bart Sibrel's videos as well as the video What Happened on the Moon? from Aulis Publishers. I am currently reading Dark Moon from Aulis. I discovered your web site and found it to be quite convincing. Are you available to dialog on this topic via e-mail? Subject: Radiation and photographs
I've been a long time disbeliever of the moon landings and today while watching one of the news channels they were discussing the movie "In the Shadow of the Moon" and I heard astronaut Charlie Duke say he left a picture of his family on the moon. I found his website and he has autographed pictures of his family on the Moon surface, wouldn't the radiation destroy the image on the pictures? Subject: Faked Lunar Landings
Dear Sir: Like you, I am a total disbeliever in the moon landings. My father had been in the OSS during WWII and one day, shortly before he died, told me in confidence that we had never succeeded in landing on the moon. While the original OSS forerunner of the CIA was disbanded, many of the original OSS people were rehired by the CIA. My father had maintained contact with these people for decades. My Dad had the coveted 'Q' clearance and worked directly under General Donovan. Because of his high security clearance, he was later hired by North American Aviation/Rockwell to sit in on and take the minutes of the executive, engineering, government meetings.
He had been a Chief Yeoman in the Navy and could type extremely fast and accurate as well as take Gregg shorthand. My father was never prone to exaggeration. I was told by him about the lunar landing scam in the early 1980's. We had never discussed anything pertaining to national security whatsoever. During our conversation, I mentioned NASA and it brought up a very ugly moment. My father referred to them as "....a bunch of goddamn nazi's." He was referring to SS Maj. Werner Von Braun. In the 1940's, German rockets were nothing to brag about. Even in the 1950's when the Nazi's took over the American rocket program, successful flights were virtually nonexistent.
Yet, in 1961, Kennedy proclaimed that we would put a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. In essence, we went from the first liquid rockets (V2's) to the giant Saturn rockets within the span of 25 years. That would be the same equivalent of going from the 1918 Sopwith Camel biplane fighters to the Concord in 25 years. It simply didn't happen. Now that the old exNAZI regime have passed on, NASA is saying that we "might" be able to get a man on the moon in another 10 to 12 years. I can vividly remember all of the positive NASA talk from the 1960's. Now, decades later, NASA doesn't seem to be so sure about their capabilities. Subject: completely justified
I worked for the government for a lot of years and your cynical, disresptful, ridiculing of Nasa and the Pans is completely justified. This is how THEY operate when they want to discredit something that is factual or at least worthy of investigation. Anything out of the mainstream propoganda (like truth) is never met with honest respect and scientific curiosity but with Galileo-era Catholic church heresey accusations. (conspiracytheorist[one word on purpose] buzzword is the current word of choice.
If only they knew what the word theory meant. The radiation problems has always been my objection to going to the moon, Apollo 13 was another big stumbling block, you watch a dramatization of Apollo 13 and they supposedly flew back mostly in the LEM?? with virtually no protection from solar radiated heat?? you'd have to be at least a Bishop in the church of the PAN to believe that. Thanks and keep up the good work. Subject:Battered Lunar Module
Hi. What I like about your site is that you take NASA pictures of everything to do with Apollo, and then point out what’s wrong them. No other hoax sites do this, as they all seem to regurgitate the same old anomalies such as shadows, flag blowing, C rock, no stars, and no blast crater etc. I looked at the “battered LM” picture, and agree with you it looks ridiculous, but I just love your humorous comments, like those on the Apollo Laugh page.
I rolled about laughing when I saw the close up picture of the Lunar Module, and fully agree with what you say, “it’s a botch job”. I contacted Grumman (now NorththropGrumman) by e-mail, and asked them if they really did build the LM as shown in your picture, and placed a link direct to the picture in your index_files. Guess what, I am still waiting for a reply after 4 weeks. This only adds more weight to the evidence the LM is indeed a joke, and the landings were indeed a fake. Excellent work. Subject:Re: Congrats for your Nasascam pages
Just wanted to thank you 1000 times. Your pages about the Apollo missions "NASASCAM" is just among the VERY BEST stuff I EVER found on the wholenet. Not only the facts, it's put brilliantly with every word of it. This is first class entertainment. I think Apollo was a lie absolutely after reading this, and having been dis-educated by lying history books. Sadly I think among the ranks of "biggest scams in history" are other contenders to be found now, and they're much more dangerous.
One can only hope that they will one day be hit by exposure as mercilessly as you did to Apollo. I have a recommendation for your Nasascam pages: A hot topic about whether Apollo moon missions were real is that sooner or later telescopes should be able to get better pictures of the supposed landing sites. So far they have not proven it, although some pictures circulate on the net that show a "nothing" and claim it's the Apollo LM site. You could maybe add some information about this lack of evidence to your site.  Subject:Apollo Spacesuits - 'no radiation protection
Nexus magazine editor Marcus Allen acknowledged in Secret Space DVD that he contacted the Apollo spacesuit manufacturer and inquired if the suits could be used for radiation protection at toxic radiation clean-up sites. Allen says they told him, 'No - no radiation protection'. The following is an itemization of ILC Dover and the Apollo suit construction layers. To stop radiation penetration molecular density is required.
Typically this means several centimeters of solid lead or multiple inches of solid aluminum for starters. PhD Astrophysicist James McCanney acknowledged at a public lecture to some 200-300 people that the Moon missions were, "a gigantic hoax". After citing the issue of the Van Allen radiation belts as the trump card, he further pointed out a picture of Pluto on a NASA website as proof that we can resolve the lunar landing sites. Subject: I worked for NASA 1965-70
Dear site host. I worked in XP, the NASA Administrator's intelligence office and have charts, once classified, which to me prove the Apollo Missions were faked. There were only 4 intelligence officers and I was the junior in 1965.   Before the Apollo 1 fire I think we all believed we were on track for a landing, but after the fire the SARP charts lost all credibility. I watched the moon landing at NASA Headquarters on July 20 and the next day I heard the Administrator say the Chinese were telling everyone we faked the landing by bouncing radio signals off the moon, which he admitted we knew how to do.
Lee Harvey worked for NASA by the way and I saw print outs of his bi weekly pay checks. I was in charge of documenting all Status Reviews for Bob Seamans each month, among other things. Glad to answer any questions, or share my memories with you. It is quite a string of lies: JFK, Apollo, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, 911, our GDP, etc.  If the truth comes back to haunt, we have a scary future. Subject:Fake!!
My husband just showed this site to me and I have to let you know my son, as well as my husband, (and quite a few other people who know me), have ridiculed me for my beliefs that we indeed did NOT land or even travel to the moon. I happened to be working for a corp. that was producing piece parts for the Apollo 11 mission. After the supposed success of the mission several representatives of NASA came to visit and thanked us heartily for our assistance and our ability to make the parts required in the time frame they were needed.
I never for one minute fell for it and a year or so later I went to visit my niece in DC and while visiting the Smithsonian, I discovered that the entire Moon landing was recreated perfectly (a little too perfectly) down to the same rocks. I am wondering if they will ever come clean about the hoax they have laid on the American people, not to mention the residents of the entire World. Big sham and shame. Subject: BULLSHIT
Hi I've been researching the moon landing fraud for about six years now, and have found many good reasons to believe that it was a fraud and I'd like to mention on my website ( the evidence you provide on yours regarding the staging of the approach to the moon (the photos of the studio showing the lunar globe etc), and although I've read most everything on your site, I haven't yet found anything noting where these photos originated or how it is that you obtained them. I probably overlooked where these photos originated or how it is that you obtained them. My question then is how did you come into possession of these photos that show NASA preparing a stage for faking the moon approach?
I'm currently enhancing my argument that the attitude adjustments made by the lunar rover while in orbit around the moon were fake and I think your photos add to the argument.  I plan to have a link to your site when I'm done...  BTW, *I think* that Bart Sibrel's "Apollo 11 Monkey Business" video has some significant film footage that was clearly shot using the studio lunar globe.  You can tell because the lunar surface shown in some of the film clips on Sibrel's video appear to match the exact color of the globe as seen in your photos.  You should check out his video if you haven't done so already.  You've got a great website.  Very fine work and it's brutally devastating to the folks on the "other side of the fence".  Keep it up.
Did a NASA insider provide them to you?  I need to know at least in general terms your answer to this question in order to provide these photos as evidence on my site, even if your answer is you can't tell me, I understand if you have to protect your source. My goal has always been to provide evidence that cannot easily be refuted and I want to have something to tell people when they ask me where your photos originated.  Is there anything I can tell them that you can tell me?Also, is it alright if I display the same few photos (of the preparation of the studio) on my website? Subject: What we don’t know
Hello NASASCAM and thank you kindly for these great Photos. Clearly, the photos are faked and it is about time that somebody at NASA was hung for misleading the American population and the entire World. What is Punishment in the U.S.A. for repeatedly lying to the people around the Globe and cultivating a plethora of dis-information to further deceive the citizens of Planet Earth. If you ask me, death is too good for them. Maybe we should have them sent to Guantanomo Bay in Cuba for about 5 years worth of sensory deprivation.
I know, we'll give everyone on Earth the chance to drive a hot poker up the backsides of all those at NASA and in the Government Agencies that force-feed us with lies and deceit. Anyway, your site was refreshing to see. Some truth, for once, in a Web of lies. What I am hoping for is to go into space, myself, perhaps step on another world, maybe. None of this will be possible if the Human Race continues to allow it's elected Governments to lie to us and deceive us on a Global and daily basis. I sincerely hope that you can express the sentiments of this letter to the masses. God knows, I've tried. I find people so locked into their way of thinking that their minds are not open to any new or unexpected information. HOW SMALL ARE WE? Thank you for your site and for your time. Subject:  pictures on your site are not working
Thanks for responding. You are right, after a few hours it works again. Your site is terrific. Your glib and humorous narrative is fun to read. I hope you are planning on expanding it further. At least moving to a more regularly accessible site, especially one that is picked up by the search engines more. Your site deserves much more publicity. It would also be great if you could incorporate video on the sites. A few suggestions: Have you considered noting the NASA photo numbers for the photos that you expose on the site. It would be very helpful in getting people to realize that we have not photo shopped the pictures and cross-reference on their own.
On this page: Do you have time (and patience) to footnote or provide an index for the sources of these tantalizing facts? These are indeed fascinating.
On this page: Is the source of these pictures public? Where do they come from - what does NASA and the PANs have to say about these. I don't know if you have the time and energy to consider the comments above.
I occasionally forward a link to your site to many of my religious friends and they have looked at your stuff seriously with their children. A comment that offended a few was your offhanded remark "Size does matter." While this kind of jocularity has a place with some people, some shy away from it. And religious people take your information especially seriously, so why alienate them. In my opinion it is a case of diminishing returns. Keep up the good work. May G-d Almighty show the truth with kindness and mercy.   Subject:FAKE MOON!
WOW! You did your homework. I felt for years that NASA was hiding something and anyone who took the time to listen to me about NASA's scam would think I was nuts. Now I am relieved to say they don't think like that anymore, especially since there is so much detailed information on this subject to prove otherwise. I am wondering why hasn't NASA been taken to court yet?
Since they deceived the entire world and are getting away with it. What will it take for justice to prevail? Am eager to see what will happen in the future and the fact that President Bush is currently planning a 1,000,000,000,000 manned mission to Mars in the next 10 years and the majority of society believe this will happen......They need to know the TRUTH, and save the tax payers millions of their hard earned dollars on this Satanic lie! Thanks for taking the time to read my email. I hope you will continue your sterling work on this subject and may GOD show you the way. God Bless. Subject: Just wanna say thanx
Hi... I must of been a PAN at times :) then I wasn't, then I was...but recently I said to myself... they faked em! Reading your pages was a delight, thank you...I’m researching this all because of my father really who worked the for MOD in the UK, he lectured on space travel and even wrote something for President Carter named 'Moon shot'... I remember him as a child bringing home models of the lunar rover... I even built myself an airfix Saturn V (the truth is almost as plastic as that model)... I suppose everyone (or most) believed it at the time.
I’m dedicated to finding and outing the truth on this matter...It was always a surprise to me the lack of 'time' between those communications between Houston (missing control) and astroNOTs on the Moons surface... instant almost, even today’s live sat link-ups are slow and buggy. Also the lack of any pictures of the abandoned lunar rover or experiments, or the bottom half of the LM from space or earth, not one picture, they can read a newspaper from space using a satellite, why not this?
Even the latest scanning probe (took pictures of the Moon for a year I think) which crashed on the lunar surface just a month or so ago showed nothing above the Apollo landing sites... (there was an excuse about this if i remember) it was on the BBC website...I re-watched Capricorn One a few days ago... great film, puts me in mind of the tragic Apollo one astronauts. Thanx again for your pages, wonderful stuff, hey I hope you don't mind if I ask a question... someone the other day I was speaking to about this replied to my suggestions about faked Moon landings by telling me that surely the Russians at the time would have smelt foul play...?... anyways, thanx again. Subject:  Nasascam Site  
Dear Sir, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Faked Moon Landings site. Have you thought to challenge NASA to pro-actively once and for all disprove your claims by commissioning independent astronomers to train their deep space telescopes on the supposed landing sites on the surface of the Moon where the remains of all those supposed Apollo missions would still be sited?
Especially now with the ongoing construction of the EBT telescope on the Peruvian plateau at 5000m, surely they will have enough optical resolution to spot the landing sites and examine for variations on the lunar surface? What about satellites orbiting the Moon? Are there any out there mapping the surface for the European space agency - or old Soviet satellites? Surely they would be ideally located to spot the lower half of all those supposed LEMS left on the surface? A minor observation about the American flag planted on the surface. If it was not weighted at the base, how did it stay supported in the maximum 1 or 2 inches of "Moon dust" that was there, according to the boot prints we see.
Also, are there boot prints in the fine dust very near the LEM? if so they should most certainly NOT be there, when we witness the supposed footage of Armstrong’s LEM making the first "landing" and blasting away the surface material shortly before landing. Two inches of superfine dust would have been easily scoured from the surface for a radius of at least 50ft from the descent thruster itself. Lastly, a "Nutter" friend of mine said the conspiracy theory was ridiculous because they (NASA) would have had to keep so many people quiet on this. Surely it would have taken hundreds of people at NASA and elsewhere to be "in" on the hoax?
Why has no-one ever blown the whistle and come out in the open to the media to state, say, that he was there on the "Moon" film set? Agreed about Armstrong. Why hasn't he been strutting the world stage the past 40 years, appearing in movies and docu's and reveling in the glory of being the "first ever human to walk on the Moon"? He doesn't add up at all does he? Your comments on this would be very much appreciated, The soundtrack to the first panorama features the famous Armstrong " One small step. . ." speech. The end bit of that, after he had supposedly stepped off the LEM onto the Moon, and the first words he speaks - so is therefore supposedly standing on the lunar surface right below the steps - comment on the fineness "like charcoal" of the dust right there and on the "sole of his boots". Subject: Very informative site
Thank you very much for your informative site. I find it shocking and totally indecent that I am a 25 year old and for the vast majority of my life have taken it as fact that NASA landed man on the Moon. I have considered evidence on both sides of the case and come to the same conclusion as you have: IT WAS FAKED. This is an interesting subject and one I shall take up with my grandfather.
You see he was an electrical systems engineer during the Apollo missions, working at the tracking station located in Canarvon, Western Australia, Australia. He has various momemtoe’s from the missions, and photographs. I will have to approach the subject carefully as I’m sure no one would like to find out their life work has been a sham. If he sheds any new information on the subject I have not already read on the net would you be interested? PS great website keep on delivering the REAL information. Subject: Good Site vs Nasa Nazis
Good site ya got there. The more pix Nasa puts on the net, the easier it gets to prove their scam. Photoshop is NASA's best friend and worst enemy. Here's something very odd that I've never seen before: "Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - Technical Debriefings" have the most bizarre typing on Earth. These pdf files presumably are photocopies of the originals. The font changes randomly word to word, with bold and italics thrown in at helter skelter.
Either their prehistoric word processors were schizo (which makes trusting the prehistoric LEM computer an insane risk), or something really sloppy is going on with censorship. Check it out. Apollo 17 is the one I read 1st. Also odd that the astronots discussed food, piss and poop ad nauseum, but apparently never mentioned the word "radiation". They said the simulators were "perfect" at predicting the lunar landing... No wonder CIA ran NASA, with that much BS to script. NASA telescopes zoomed in on Apollo landing sites in great detail but no landers visible in photos, so NASA just penciled them in - total proof of the scam