Read what the media say about naughty NASA Subject:NASA website
hi, my name is Riva Karklin, and, like you, I definately believe the moon landings were a hoax. I'm a university student in Canada, and I'm doing a persuasive research paper on the fake moon landings. I was just wondering if you could tell me where it was you got your information for your website from. My professor is quite specific with citing sources, and this would really help my research. and I know this is short notice, but my paper is due on the 4th of November, so if you have time, coud you help me out?? Thanks very much! Subject:Nice Site
Your site is the best Apollo Hoax site I've ever found at the web. I have a request for you, I just began my investigation about NASA and Apollo missions a month ago, and I want to use your articles as one of my investigation source. By the way I'm making a book right now about the conspiracy theory of Apollo Moon Hoax. Can I use your articles in my book? My book will be none comercial, that's for sure because I want to reveal the truth behind NASA and Apollo Mission. Please, reply to me as soon as possible Subject:website
Thanks for the website. It is very well done and appreciated. The american (and all people)should question information fed to us by government agencies. You are a person I consider a hero to that cause. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Subject:fakery Dacqauri, dock!
I would like to thank you for your site, how did you come up with all the photos of Langley etc?? What's next? Where can I see more stuff like videos which prove it all was fake. Subject:nasa scam I love your web site
Wonderful job on facts, it's been a long time since I have been glued to any web site. I have always wondered over the years could we have done it. I have a computer electronic degree and I'm a firefighter/paramedic. Why haven't any of the astronauts offered to take lie detector test? I would. I have been a Air Force, Army, and Navy firefighter, and talk in great length to people if we could of really done it. Bush's Moon Mars and beyond has US Moon bound in 2014 hope they can make it, and once we see all the trouble to get there one will ask themselves did we have the technology in the 60's to pull this off. Great site. Subject:Moonlanding
Hello! Your site was brilliant Would you mind if I asked for your name, cos I want to give you credit on my essay. Subject:Moon Landing?
I have a comment. If NASA really did go to the moon, why is it going to take us 16 years to do it again? We first did it in 8 years with much lower technology. If we DID go, we have blueprints for the successful Apollo missions. We should be able to build an exact Apollo copy in 2 years. If this worked before, it will work again. There would be no research/development costs, just duplicate the exact rocket/lander that was so successful before. So why is it going to take 16 years when we can do it in two years? Unless of course we never went in the first place, which I, and all my friends believe is the truth. Thanks for your time. Subject:You're Right
You are right. I cannot imagine why they did not send an animal first around the moon. There were dangers of radiation, micro meteors, solar flares, etc. Why would you send several humans to the moon before you knew it was safe? To myself, this would be a signal that they knew they were not going to the moon, so why test it? Subject:moon rocks.
How come you never see dust on top of the large rocks on the Moon's surface when its three inches deep around them? There is no wind on Moon to dispel the dust, and the rocks look weathered, which again would be impossible on the Moon. Subject:Information
I enjoy your site and wondered if you wouldn't mind accepting some more information about your subject. There is an hour-long, one frame-per-second video diary of the astronauts on the surface of the Moon. In that video, if you carefully observe the shadows, in several frames you can actually see two vertical lines that appear to be suspension cords attached to the backside of one of the astronauts. Now, I wouldn't be so bold as to say that it's anything "exposing," but I would like to get your opinion on them. Then, if you feel that it warrants nothing, you could post the images on your site. Also, since I'm a very experienced Photoshop user, I wondered how Mike Tuttle came into your work. How did he come into it? How did you find out about him? Subject: faking it why?
Friends I wish people would include God ocasionally in their efforts to understand. HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS ! to every problem. He says "I have limited the bounds of their habitation" It's all very interesting to learn of the proof available. I was fooled in my younger days, just as children are being fooled today in their science lessons about the age of the earth and so on. Now, understanding the plan of the creator, and enlightened through His Spirit all things become clear as crystal. I thank your efforts to put things straight. Subject:Great site!
Being a bit skeptical, I went to Apollo photo sites and looked up the photos you have posted to make sure yours hadn't been faked. Not only did I find the ones you show but several others as well... You're absolutely dead on, they are as phony as hell. Subject:Moon Sc
Your site is right on. I've been looking at the books and sites by people like us, and I can't dispute what they're saying. Subject:thanks
I read what you said and I finally believe that the moon landings were fake, although it took long to read. Subject:your geocities website
Nice site...I agree with it, I did use some of your photos in a powepoint I am giving on the same topic. Subject:reality site
hello: Would like 2 know the rl from the reality site plz. thnx a lot & greetings fro Switzerland R.W. Subject:Good job
Good job, now just get the bastards to admit the truth. Subject:nasa scam
Excellent research!!!I Always had my doubts about the Apollo flights because of the van allen belts and cosmic ray storms. I do believe we did some space flights. I'm 26 years old and have an open mind. I always wondered why in 1960's-70's they sent ships to the moon like it was so easy with limited technology ! Now with such advance technology they struggle to put manned spaceships in space to orbit the earth. They always make sure they stay in the safe-zone below the van allen belts. I also believe nasa faked the pictures to make us believe the astronauts were on the moon. Also the apollo ships do not look strong enough to with stand the dramatic temperature changes on the moon and while in orbit also cosmic ray storms and van allen belts to protect the astronauts. Subject:I WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU ABOUT MOON FAKE IN PRIVATE
Hello my name is Anton. I want to speak with you about Moon fake and about your page. I want to translate your page and others pages on your web=site into Russian (language)... DO YOU Like this idea?? Subject:NASA
Hi Great site. Can you answer one question that I seem to remember being told/read somewhere, that the actual landings happened at prime time in the USA. Can you confirm this? I don't seem to be able to find confirmation from elsewhere. If it is true, then it is the final nail in the coffin of the moon landings, as there is no way that the landings could be timed so precisely. Thanks. Subject: Cat
Hi. Your site is very interesting. I am writing to address the cat photograph. Why don't u contact other Apollo hoax sites and give them this photograph. It would be one of the most vivid evidence of a hoax?

"George Colonel - Communication Services Co." Subject:updating the site on the moon photos
Nice Job. When are you going to update us on the steel structure? I watched all the videos on the apollo archive site. The astro"nots" are clearly suspended from a cable in at least 2 of the videos. Anyone who examines this information would surely see this. I'm surprised Fox didn't have it in their TV show. I have delved even deeper into the photos. They probably just used trucks and bobcats to spread the dirt and ash or whatever they thought would fake everyone out. What an interesting slice of history. I think your one page did more to show what was really used and how it was done than any other page I have seen. People that believe haven't looked at any evidence, they are blindly following what they have been spoon fed.
My wife thought I was absolutely crazy when I first told her I thought it was possibly faked. I don't think she is completely convinced yet. It is tough to get people interested in looking at the evidence! I had a long conversation with my aunt tonight and sent her a link to your page. She thought I was crazy too. I'm sure you hear it too. I'm a pretty "do your own homework" kind of person and enjoy looking at the information. In Ohio, there are many more believers than non-believers. I get the "oh god, he's nuts" look anytime I mention it. They then start thinking about it, but are too lazy to go and look at any evidence and fall back into believing their government wouldn't lie to them.
I feel the same way about Bush. If he truly believes we went, he looks like a complete fool. We are going to have a nice new space rocket to take them there astronauts up to that there moon! How ridiculous this entire lie is. Your work with the Langley information is just excellent. I'm surprised Fox's special didn't go there. I think it is the most compelling of all information I have seen. Feel free to include me in any emails or thoughts you have. I really enjoy occasionally putting a few hours into it. I'll email you my page when I get it done.
Author: The Langley pics were first exposed on my Zyworld site back in early 1997. Fox did not contact me about their TV special. Subject:Cool site
Hey, I loved the site, but what happened to the picture at the bottom of the Apollo Scam page? I like the caption but where's the photo to go along with it?? Just thought you should know it doesn't work because it's not funny without a picture to go along with it. Yeah, I reckon they're fake, along with the whole Apollo missions. I watched a cool doco a little while ago on it and that convinced me.  Subject: Hi, thanks for the survey and research.

Hi, I am Saumendra Swain, right now doing my research on eLearning technologies. I get through various subjects to understand the implication on learning technologies in it. Through my research I accidentally got into the Moon Hoax. It was an amazing thing to know the reality which is hidden like a treasure. Thanks a lot for the great information. I would like to get more details so that I could spread the truth as much as I can in INDIA. Hope to get an early reply. Subject:great article!
Thank you for this beatifull article! Greetings Albert from in the Netherlands. Subject:one great leap?
Very enjoyable and i-luna-inating site! Like the humour too, very funny... I'm all for supporting the fake theory myself by the way, as I've never trusted any of the bastards, and I do applaud anyone (like yourself) who is spirited enough to expose the lies. Just a thread that might be worth following...there should be, that is, if they did land on the moon as they say, visible evidence of moon landings? like modules, rovers, sensors, etc etc, we should be able to see them with the incredibly powerful space telescopy we have now? Yes, No? So, anyone got any pictures? Yes? No? Subject:Hmmm! Quite interesting!

I must say I love your site. I heard about the possible fakings, but only heard countless repetitions of flapping flag and shadows. Thanks for reading. I will admit, your comments about Apollo nuts or whatever you call them being mind-sick are rather disconcerting and unnecessary. In fact they could potentially diminish your credibility. Sorry, that's just a little critique. I greatly enjoy doing research on anything and everything, and this is no exception. Even though I can't see the pictures due to blindness I still find the written aspects quite fascinating. I've always been interested in conspiracy theories, although I need lots of proof to convince me. I'll have to think about this and do further research. Thanks a lot for spurring me on. Anyway, have a fabulous day. Subject : e-mail

I have a new e-mail and I miss the Moon hoax discussions, please send me and links or other stuff regarding. Subject : Images

Hi, thank you for providing such an excellent site. It is relieving to able to believe the same thing I'm seeing regarding pro hoax sites. Subject : NASA Blunder!!!

Hi there, I would like to know in more detail about NASA's fake moon journey. Kindly mail me back. Regards Mr. Nikhil S. Chitnis Subject : RE: apollo hoax

I didn't realize you had broken so much of the ground re the Apollo hoax I've spoken with Rene and have his book, I've checked out Percy/Bennett's video and book, I've seen Bart s' "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" and seen interviews with Bill Kaysing. Did they borrow from you're backgrounds and shadows or come to their own conclusions? Last question: Are you available for an on camera interview for a television special in which I would highlight your work and your web site? Subject : Looks fake to me...... Subject :

I was going through old e-mails as part of my research for Part 2 of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" ( and found your site. Do you have anything to share for my current documentary? Bart Subject : Apollo hoax.

I absolutely believe that NASA foolishly faked the entire Apollo program, and would be more than pleased to have my address posted on your contacts page. Regards, Andrew Subject : Moon landing????

Very interesting site! I have always taken the "fact" that the U.S. put men on the moon as a true fact. After seeing the TV special and now your web site... seems that faking it makes more sense than actually doing it! One thing that I have long wondered (and wonder if you've ever seen addressed by NASA, or anyone else) is why no one has ever used a powerful telescope or Hubble for that matter, to give us a close-up shot of the "equipment" (moon buggy, etc.) left on the moon during the supposed missions? Again, great site. Subject : Re: Web site.........

I really enjoyed your web site! I have often wondered about the validity of the Apollo moon missions......Now, I am totally convinced that the whole moon landing crap was a big fake! I really feel that the public has been kept in the dark long enough about all the fakery and lies! Let the truth be known........ I found your web site by using the search engine "Google" and typing in a search for "faked moon landing." There's quite a bit of info out there about the whole hoax. What I find most impressive is the photographs with obvious anomalies. I have "bookmarked" your web site and I look forward to showing it to my friends. Keep up the good work. Subject:broken photo links

I'm mainly e-mailing to tell you your links are broken on some of your most important photos. I'm not a scientist, and I don't know yet what I think for certain about the hoax theories. I never entertained the slightest doubt about the Apollo missions, and just went looking at the info for a lark, expecting to have my mind settled quickly that the missions were genuine. Instead, I find inconsistencies all over the place. It's troubling. I am unresolved about a number of things.
The majority of sites do seem to be NASA and others refuting the claims of people who see inconsistencies in the photo records of the Apollo missions. I've noticed, though, that they refute as little as possible, every time. For example, the C rock photo shows two C's, but NASA only bothers to explain that the one on the rock is a hair. The one on the ground next to it, I guess they figure nobody will notice if they don't mention it. Or maybe they haven't noticed it themselves.
I'm troubled about the blue light coming in through the windows in every film clip.The fact that I seem to be able to clearly make out in most photos exactly where the ground stops and the backdrops begin, and the fact that the "stars" issue and explanations change every time I look. There are stars in many of the photos. Then there are photos which don't have any. One of the debunkers claimed that there ought to be stars, and since then NASA's said no, there shouldn't be. Either way there's a problem here, and I'm not enough of a scientist to know which it is.
There's a problem about the light on the flags, and Buzz, and there's a big problem with the cameras being on peoples' chests, because how on earth would they manage to get shots where nobody's head is cut off ever, and everything that's supposed to be in the shot, is in the shot. Plus, why are their stride lengths normal? Why doesn't anyone throw a moon rock up to show it goes for miles? I'm still not sure about anything. Well, good luck fixing your photo links. I think your site shows a lot of work and thought, and is very impressive, regardless. One thing occurred to me about the elaborate moon surface fakes, and the sphere, and so on. Perhaps they were making those for a planetarium? Are those sets and props actually on display somewhere? If not, then that is very suspicous.
Author: The fake Moon set, and rotating Moon model at Langley were dismantled, and destroyed immediately after Apollo had finished in 1973. It had done it's job of fooling millions of people around the globe, and was no longer needed, after costing $20 million in 1963. Subject : Re: Backgrounds

These were clearly doctored photos, none of the placements make sense and just how did they get back from rover anyway? Did they ever say? I think its inevitable that it will come out, due to the amount of people and facts involved, its just a matter of time. I only hope now that I am alive when this thing finally comes out. A simple test for people would be to show them to someone.Take the six or seven that match and throw in a few that don't. Have them focus on the background and match up all backdrops that they feel are from the same location. Then show them where they supposedly were taken on the map. Then ask them if they think it was faked.
Test a thousand people like this and post the results. I bet they would be 999 to 1 that it was faked. I looked at some of these 17 photos the other day and just went back again. I heard an argument for distortion due to distance and how we perceive it on earth due to the horizon and how we would actually see it on earth, but this in no way accounts for those similarities. You probably have noticed but those backdrops are identical down to the detail on them. If you look just of above the light curved area there are horizontal serration's they look dotted and to the left appears a vertical serration that follows the contour of the hill. If you look closely all the detail is the exactly the same.
Now what are the odds of the background and its detail being the same? Wow, the moon must be pretty consistent thorough its surface. It is very easy to see the backdrop cease at a very clear line as well. My conclusion: They got sloppy. This was to be the last mission and they already had everyone fooled, so they didn't put as much effort into it as they had to in the earlier missions. Surprisingly I also noticed, do you ever notice large amounts of tracks in these photos the rover simply appears to have been dropped from some crane above. Until I saw your site today, I was 50-50, now I know 100% they faked it. What a shame. Subject : Apollo scam

Great web site! Very entertaining and eye-opening. Could I make a couple of suggestions?

1] It would be nice if you put the NASA source next to each photo so we can corroborate the photos on your site with the NASA sites.

2] Though I'm not too bothered by the "willy" shot at the bottom, I was really planning on referring some friends and family to your site - that one photo really does have the effect of limiting the number of people who will be referred to your site; I mean your message would reach a lot more people if it appealed to an unrestricted audience. Subject : Kilometres or Miles

Hey, interesting site, and good evidence. I just wanted to tell you something you may or may not know, but I'm well aware of. All military maps plot things out in Kilometers, and have since at least WWII. That's why they refer to distances as so many klicks. And NASA being a mostly military organization at that point (and this point) they followed suit. All the other things here seem like credible questions to the authenticity of the moon shots, but that one is not. Someone has probably already told you that, but if not, there you go.

Author: I disagree as all Shuttle distances are measured in miles, see
APOLLO TRUTH web page. Subject: Selene Pictures of the Moon

Hi there! I see you added some stuff to your website recently, especially the videos. Great job, as usual. Here some information from the Japanese Selena Project. You probably already know about it, but check it out. I must admit the picture comparisons are quite convincing.

In all fairness, it seems quite a convincing proof of the Lunar landings, no? Subject: I think your site is about the best to prove it didnt happen

Thank you, as many were. I was about 13 when all this happened, and until I got informed by the internet on many things such to pretty much know the way things are and aren't and by who and not whom. Thanks, funny and good work as well or vice versa. Tis a pity they use their power for their own perceived control of us the perceived dimwits. Subject: Wow. Is YouTube censoring your videos.

Hi, I was trying to view your entire materials but the videos page has half of them removed by YouTube! Have you considered an alternate site? I'd sure like to view the videos they removed! (by the way google who now owns YouTube was started with seed funds from the CIA, so it's entirely expected they would remove videos of yours they don't like) Subject: thanks, and a suggestion

Hi, Thanks for your informative and entertaining site. I've noticed quite a number of typos, such as those in a random paragraph that I've corrected below in green. I'm one of those people who are really bothered by things like that, and I think it detracts and distracts from your excellent content.

Author: Spelling mistakes are mainly due to the differing USA and UK format of spelling words. Subject: Wow

All I can say is, Wow. Thank you very much Sir. You are a hero. Subject: Re: Was the Apollo 11 Saturn V Seriously Underpowered

Hi, Pokrovsky investigates only Apollo 11 footage, but his conclusion concerns all Apollo missions. The payload deficit is way too big for Saturn V to be upgraded later. I agree that even Apollo 8 was a fakery. Moreover I compiled a comparison movie how Russian cosmonauts on Soyuz 9 experienced an impact of 18 days of weightlessness and couldn't even walk compared to easily walking astronauts of Gemini 7 after 14 days in space in a craft which was much smaller than Soyuz and didn't even have a toilet.
I also think that Gemini 11 was partially faked, as they couldn't have climbed to 1372km. We know now that it's too dangerous because of Van Allen radiation belts. And I think that Ed White's (Gemini 4) spacewalk was fake too. One Apollo skeptic stated that any scientist with a Phd who endorsed the Moon landings, should have their qualifications taken from them, as any schoolboy could prove the Moon landings were faked. I couldn't agree more with that comment.
That's funny; I'll post this idea on our online forum. True, Russian establishment knew at the time moon landings were faked. I think that the Soviet Union Communist Party and Brezhnev himself blackmailed Richard Nixon's administration and played along with the Moon hoax. Too many facts point to this. One of them: Russians in the early 70-s possessed Lunokhod which could have easily inspected moon landing sites but it was kept far from American Apollo artefacts. Best wishes. Subject : Response to hoax-web site.

WOW!!!!! I always knew they were pulling the wool over our eyes!! And here is the evidence. Thanx for a superb site, one can see that a lot of time and effort went into this site, and thanx for the evidence. We need to convince others that these guys are pulling a fast one. Subject : NASA should be ashamed of themselves.

If they say that each of those photographs on the web site are supposed to show what the web site says they are showing, then it's all plainly b******s and NASA should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a shoddy job. Subject : Apollo reseach

hello.. I am written a five page report on how America never went to the moon. While I was researching I stumbled on to your web site, it was very interesting. It will help me a great deal in my research, as I believe everything on the web site. Subject: NASA incorrect info.

Hi, I became interested in the moon hoax a couple of years ago, after looking at Apollo 8 website on NASA.

There was a photo of the moon taken by astronauts as they orbited it. I noticed the date on photo was the same date as when the Saturn V blasted off from launch pad. I thought, how could they take a photo of the moon on the same day they left Earth, impossible? I then discovered your APOLLO LOL page where you detail incorrect NASA info as regards Apollo 16 mission timing. NASA's data is totally absurd and ridiculous. How they have the audacity to continue with their BS about landing on the moon is beyond me. What a disgusting, deceitful, corrupt, fraudulent, money grabbing, organisation. It needs disbanding now. Subject: Great Site!

Outstanding material, especially the photographs of the sets; background, track, and moon; cranes; Arizona photographs; Indian interview; etc.  I always wondered how and where they did these things. Your material is wonderfully complementary to Dave McGowan's material at, Wagging the Moondoggie. Thanks for your gift to those who wish to enlighten themselves, sir! Subject : Apollo hoax and lack of support for "GUTH Venus"

I believe I've finally uncovered NASA's Apollo "nerve center. Try locating any documentation that supports our lunar lander test flights. NASA constructed several for live pilot as well as real-time system and technology testing and, these were configured as 1/6th scale (as far as weight) so that the entire lander concept could fully demonstrate basic rocket flight as well as obvious stabilized flight considerations and safety factors, and as that being at equivalent to lunar gravity.
True, these lunar landers were never intended for reentry into an atmosphere, however, as far as rocket thrust and establishing stabilized flight, the 1/6th scaled units should have performed quite nicely. (OOPS!) Guess what, I only recall those test flights which were so unstable that they "all" crashed and exploded, and these were mostly tethered, having all sorts of external auxiliary command control options and, they still "every single one "crashed" and exploded. So, I asked of my "GUTH Venus" discovery critics (mostly NASA moles) to come up with NASA's extraordinary proof, that of a movie film of at least one successful test flight.
I felt, as long as my critics were insistent upon that of my delivering that all essential extraordinary proof (of which I believe SAR imaging is essentially about nothing but representing that of extraordinary proof), I thought it fair to ask the same of their pagan god (NASA) which is ignoring if not outright opposing my little discovery, a discovery which I would have thought should have nothing whatsoever to do (one way or the other) with those questionable or not Apollo missions (wrong!). I've said and offered to those NASA moles, I will post a link to any such Apollo documentation, however, it's been 11 months and counting and, still nothing.
So, besides all the controversy over those Apollo lunar images having questionable content as well as fundamental photographic issues, the entire context over such images is mute, if in fact the lander never managed to deliver our astronauts in the first place. Now I know that NASA documents everything (in triplicate) and film records every moving event, especially those of our first achievements in obtaining purely rocket powered and rocket stabilized flight technology, so, where the hell are all those films (16mm & 35mm)? My URL page pertaining to this, as well as other lunar issues is as follows:
Only because of all the flack which my "GUTH Venus" discovery was receiving, did I look harder at all the Apollo stuff. Fortunately, I'm somewhat of a commercial photographer, experienced, and I own several 70mm cameras as well as film development and enlarger equipment and, I therefore fully understand the implications of the total process of taking, processing and producing prints and, I now understand why so many have questioned those images supporting the Apollo missions.
Besides not having access to that movie film of those essential test flights, without having those original 70mm negatives, no one, including NASA, can prove a damn thing and, besides all sorts of other questionable mission issues, as far as I can determine, NASA needs to be the one providing the "extraordinary proof" and not that of my discovery. I'll help support your anti-Apollo URL sites if you can do a little something for promoting mine. I believe what I have discovered is bigger then any Apollo ruse, but I seem to be up against that NASA firewall because, I also questioned those Apollo missions and then more so questioned the morals and motivation behind it all (a big no, no as far as getting anywhere with the likes of NASA). Subject:Student project
As a class assignment that is part of the NASA School Involvement Program, I am writing a paper on the Apollo Hoax. May I quote your web site in my paper? Subject:Re: Moon Hoax Book
Say I am trying to writing a book about the moon landing hoax. I was wondering if you would agree to letting me put your web page example explaining Tuttles methods in my book. I would be more then happy to give the author of NASAscam the credit and even add a little story how he or she made the discovery, if you would like. Thank You, M Morrerlli PS. I have attached copy of one of the few NASA photos in existence with Michael J. Tuttle marking on it. I thought you might like to have a copy, of it to confirm your theory. Subject: Could I have some information?
Hi, I went to your home page for the conspiracy theory, (about Apollo). It was very interesting about the theory. I'm doing a class work in my school, and I need to convince my classmate that the conspiracy is true. But for that I need to know more about who are you. Please, could you give me some more information about you as, your work, and the college you went to. Subject: nasa
Thank you for all this data, seriously. Subject : You have courage
This web page is dedicated to NASA Chief Sean O'Keefe, NASA Historian Roger Launius, and Apollo astroNOTS who make themselves a worldwide laughing stock with their ongoing claim of having walked on the Moon. Good -- very good --made me laugh. I never really had the time to question the moon landing; I was never aware of it ever being in question before I saw something on TV yesterday (Channel 50 in Chicago). This is just a question: do you think NASA might try and stop people from publishing this type of information (by intimidation or other means)? Good luck Subject:Apollo Scam website
This stuff was great, I wanted to share it with other NON-believers. Please HELP!!!!!! Subject : hi I liked your site

Hi my name is Brittney Tanis and I'm doing a research paper proving that the moon landing never existed for my honors English class. I need to note my sources so if you could tell me the name of the person who created the site, the name of any institution or organization associated with the site, and the date of access as soon as possible I would really appreciate it. I think your site is extremely interesting and very informative. Thank you. Subject : Thank You

I have been trying to tell my husband that this was a fake all along. Your site showed me some evidence to help prove my "theory" I got him thinking. Maybe a lot closer to convincing now, after I showed him your pictures. Subject : dude you web site rocks!

Thanks 4 puttin up the web site 'bout fake moon landings. I'm doin a report about it and thanks to you its my #1 resource on my bibliography. Sincerely, Austin Subject : stars

Love the web site, fascinating subject. I don't know if you've mentioned it, but have you noticed that there are no stars in any of the backgrounds, the stars would have stood out more from the moon as there is no atmosphere there to hake them over. Subject : your web site

I totally agree that there are some inconsistencies that lean towards the idea that something is not right. But, then again, there are a lot of things that I/we don't understand and take for granted. Do you have any other links that you might like pass along to me? Ever since that damn Fox special I've been very curious as to why there is such still so much doubt 30 years after the event. Subject : put me on the list

You can add my e-mail to the list as well. Rosdeitcher Subject: Apolloscam
Hello! I think you have the best Apollo-scam site. I can see why the Apollo supporters rarely mention your site and instead criticize the sites that are less intelligent. Apparently the government has been getting away with so many scams that they have a lot of confidence to do even more and bigger scams. I also used some of your photos to create a short PDF file on Apollo to create something for "Conspiracy Tasting Parties".
I was wondering if you remember the source for your remark: "Incidentally ALL RECORDS pertaining to the faking of Apollo, are stored under 24 hour guard at LRC, and not due for declassification until 2026" I have not been able to find any remarks about Apollo records being classified. Where is that info? And do you recall the source of your photos of the " 20' diameter sphere" or the guys painting them to look like the moon? I would like to add the sources to my PDF file, and a link to your web site. Your web site seems to get overloaded sometimes, however. Subject: Discussion List?
Very glad to rediscover your website after it was moved from Zyweb! Hope the bandwidth problems can be resolved. From reading your feedback it appears that you also operate an e-mail discussion list. If this is the case, please add me to it. I was 12 years old, in Sydney, during Apollo 11. We were all ushered into the school assembly hall to watch the momentous broadcast. I was very blasé about the whole thing, thought it was no big deal as it was only the moon, not one of the planets. However, I remember an odd moment in this footage -- a clear distance shot from behind, in dark space, of Apollo 11 traveling towards the moon. I recall wondering, where and in what was the cameraman???
But for a few decades I never questioned the moon missions. I accidentally discovered the hoax information on the Internet about 3 years ago. It is such a blatant, shocking fraud. It makes me cringe to think that any of us could ever have believed it. NASA's own footage condemns their story. I have the various books and videos and almost everyone who has seen them comes to the same conclusion --some simply refuse to come to any conclusion. There is one point I'd like to see expanded in your "Facts" section. I have found that arguments with PANs about light, shadows, and stars in the photographs can run in endless circles.
However, I think the greatest blooper in the whole scenario is the Lunar Rover. Just how did it get to the moon? Where and how did it fit into, onto, or under the LEM? The interior of LEM is obviously too small, and the exit hatch laughably insufficient. It can't be placed near the engine exhaust and in any event due to the metal struts around the exhaust there wasn't a large enough space. Someone sure, what was the counterbalance on the other side? Where are the photographs or plans evidencing any scheme or attachment? Where any footage of it being unloaded or detached? I realize it's claimed that the original plans have been "lost" but I believe that there is enough information available on the relevant dimensions for a good proof of fraud.
Also, from a religious point of view, I just love the Van Allen Belts. They are like God's electric fence -- His way of saying "Thus far, and no further." I believe that the current and previous Mars missions are also utter rubbish. The real issue here, the black hole for tax dollars, is gaining military control of near-Earth space. All the rest is expensive, feel-good propaganda for the sheeple. I completely agree with you. After having my eyes opened to the Apollo fraud, I saw some pics from the Sojourner, and Viking missions. There were screaming signs of fraud! For example, one of the little gizmos was portrayed on "Mars." The platform was open and there was a regular orange household extension cord linking some of the elements -- the kind of extension cord I use to run my dishwasher from a different circuit since my wiring dates from 1928.
THIS survived a journey of millions of miles and a corrosive atmosphere???? Finally, I can't give names here, but I showed all the Apollo info to a good friend of mine. Her husband is in the film industry and immediately recognized some fraudulent techniques. Plus, she showed the videos to her relative, whose father is one of the top engineers in his field. He worked for Hughes for decades, holds classified patents, and still has the sort of security clearance, in retirement, that means two government agents have to be in the operating room if he is under anaesthetic. My friend's relative told his father about what he had discovered about the Apollo fraud, expecting to be laughed at, but his father only smiled and said, "That's right, we only know what NASA tells us." Believe me, this response speaks volumes! Sarah B. Subject:Kodak film
Hi, thanks for your site, it's very interesting. I have been a Apollo-believer for many years until three months before a cousin posted me a german link I was perplexed and fascinated and searched for other sites on the web. So I found Your site. Now I'm convinced, that never a man travelled to the moon! If one has a brain which is not TV-damaged and biased, only one conclusion is possible: The whole thing was a fake!
Your sites are very convincing! I found a pro-apollo-site too, whitch seems to show some anti-fake examples, e.g. Kodak developed a special film for high-temperature environments, dust-anomalities, radiation-problems etc. Do You know this site? I would be enjoyed to know how to refute those nonsense. Can You help me to answer this? Best Thanks in advance Daniel (sorry for my english) Subject:Hey!! Moon!! 2005 How come we have not gone Back!!
Hello I have never believed the N.A.S.A. pictures, I am into photography, and chest mounted hasselbald cameras are hard to use acurately and to get crisp clear shots, all arranged too beautifully, yeah right thats crazy!! In 1969!! just think about it going to the moon look at us to day still trying get off the ground, still faking the Mars maps, look at the Mars maps in 60's through 70's ice caps on each end!!
Now why are they trying to see if their is water their Duh?!! This is 2005 36 years from what some people would call the most greatest time in history. Why hasn't N.A.S.A. gone back just play around mess with the old gadgets in 1969 place a commemorative plaque their!! Crazy!!? I was wondering where I can get some video footage of the astroNots faking lunar mischeif!! or send me something!! Thanks God Bless!! Subject:I kinda see what u mean
I like it!!!!! You don’t bother with the waving flag or shadow stuff at all. That stuff is debatable and can be proven wrong, however you focused on primarily good stuff I hadn't seen on any other site, the bummer was that some of the last pictures on the Apollo reality link don’t show. Try to fix it, as I'd be really interested to see what u have to say. Thanks anyway. I have another question.
I am very impressed with all the people working on the spheres and it definitely proves your point, but how do people know they are real? Can you match names with faces? If so who are they? they got ID's? or work records? even names would prove the fraud? I hoped that those two men in the sphere and placards photos could be seen. I had a hard time figuring out why they would take photos of the faking in the first place, not that I question the fraud. Keep up the awesome work, and send me that picture if you can. Subject: Re: Declassify Apollo files 2026

Thanks for the info, Sam. I doubt it though that they will ever come clean on it, bar a total collapse.  In the ex USSR everybody knew of the crimes and lies of the regime, but still they kept up the official fairy tales all the way to collapse. Only afterwards did info come in the mainstream and they faced up to it.  I dont know, maybe I'm too cynical, but I think that they will always find ways to hide things until the whole system collapses, no matter how many people doubt their claims.
They can easily claim the files that were to be declassified were accidentaly deleted or some other crapola.  Didn't they say also that the original film of the Moon landing was accidentally lost?  Why would they not pull that stunt again? Shame? They dont have any. They keep the charade going to prevent a total deligitimisation of the system.  If they openly admit NASA lied, and the entire science establishment covered it up, they will lose legitimacy and bring the house down on themselves. That's why I think that sadly, they are not going to face up to it.
Just take a look at this:-
more crap trying to hold the house of cards with grainy pictures. And look at these pathetic photoshops:-
And take a look at this clip:-
Here they show grainy images then flash the color high resolution pics as if they are there to be seen. Cool editing for idiots.
No way, these guys will keep lying till the whole system collapses. It's their job and maybe freedom from prosecution on the line.  heheheh I do see that more and more people refute and disbelieve their wild fiction claims, but I just don't see them admitting to it. Who will believe a word NASA says if they admit to it?  How about the whole govt and the whole scientific establishment? They are stuck with a lie till the whole system crashes. I would love to see the admission, but I highly doubt it. Would the public finance a Mars mission, or future real Moon missions if NASA admits they lied before?   Certainly not. These guys cannot ever admit even if the evidence is known to the whole world. I dont know. Subject : Very well exposed... but who are you people any way?

Hi, My name is Rodolfo Arispe and live in Panama, Latin America. For a long time I've been ridiculed for thinking there were something wrong with the man in the moon story. I.'s born in '69 and grew up been teached at school that the men really got a feet in the moon. So at university, my partners couldn't believe how a computer programer as me could doubt such "fact". I felt like a freak and avoided talking about my believes until now when I found your web site and began to read the whole thing. Yours is one of the best sites with information about the subject and I founded honest enough because no advertising was found.
But skeptical as I've always been, I question myself about who you are and your relation and grade of expertise with the whole moon hoax subject. In fact, I visited the David Percy's site and was really disappointed in the way they drive you to buy their video and book. That takes all the credit from the honesty of their statements. How could we know that your inexpensive web site is part of the campaign to help those winning lot of money out of the conspiracy theories, that seems to be selling very well this days? We don't know each other, but I identify myself with your cause and share the worldwide growing interest in unveiling this moon landing stuff.
The explanations you expose in your site are very interesting but there are 2 things I still puzzled my mind on:-

1. Why the rest of the world have kept a passive position about this things?. I mean, why other countries like Germany, former USSR, France, etc. that certainly have a scientists and experts on space programs have not challenged (not in 69 not now) the USA achievements. Is the rest of the world (friends and enemies of the USA) fool enough to believe the moon hoax story. You won't say though are all (in 30 years) part of the whole conspiracy, don't you?
2. Why did you put an image of "winnie" in your site. Aren't you afraid that such childish behavior takes out the credibility or impartiality of your case or statement. I mean, was that gross image necessary to state your point of views or show a rebel standing. Honestly, among adult, serious and concern people, that pic shows some kind of deliberate "stay out of here if you don't like it" message. As a matter of fact, I'm afraid of telling others in schools/universities about your site, just because of that picture.

Author: I was simply copying the childish behaviour of NASA and their ridiculous fake pictures. What's wrong with that? Don't need costly books or video's etc, to study the hoax, as you can get all the info you need free of charge via the web. Subject : Van Allen Belts

Do I think they went to the moon? No. The Van Allen Belts; solar and cosmic radiation (high energy protons, X-rays and cosmic rays) with so little shielding: aluminium-coated spacecraft; no lead or any other heavy element etc..); and of course no photographs of the stars, the one and only thing that would have proved (or NOT) conclusively that they were on the moon - apart from being of scientific interest in themselves.
In 1958, Explorer I carried a Geiger counter which registered nothing at 1500 miles altitude. Seven months later, Explorer IV carried a Geiger counter encased in 1 centimeter of lead. When the measured radiation was recalibrated it was found to be greater than was to occur at Chernobyl. You would have at least expected some - if not all - of the astronauts to have died.
As NASA notes, the most common way to deal with radiation is simply to physically block it, as the thick concrete around a nuclear reactor does. But making spaceships from concrete is not an option. Lead, which is considerably denser than concrete, is actually the preferred material to use for radiation shielding, but lead also isn't very popular with spaceship designers. In fact, word on the street is that one of the main reasons the Soviets never made it to the Moon was because their scientists calculated that four feet of lead shielding would be required to protect their astronauts, and those same scientists apparently felt that spaceships wouldn't fly all that well when clad in four feet of lead. Subject : Moon landings, as if!
Great site, I read it all and have been following this hoax for about 3 or 4 years since David Percy was on UK TV discussing the faked moon shot on an obscure late night TV prog. Your site and reasoning is the best yet with the best info and the questions I always wanted to asked 'em! Just think, I was 12 when we , ahem, landed on the moon. Even as THE most naive 12 year old British kid I wondered why the TV reception of the landing was so crap. We were SO engrossed with Apollo 8 and not quite so much with 9 and 10 and even though I was allowed to stay up for Apollo 11 live landing I fell asleep!
Didn't FEEL real next day on replay actually! And yes, who DID take the footage of Armstrong descending that ladder for the 1st step on the moon? Er, did they chuck a camera out the LM onto the moon and hope it stood in the right place and remotely cranked it up? What really gauls me is that we never questioned the authenticity. Yet, it is more plausible to be faked than it EVER was as a reality project. 1969 eh? Computers? They had NO chance to do it for real. As ever, thoroughly disillusioned as to why the astronauts could not leap 6 foot high when in all the comics we read this is what 1/6 G would allow! We were SO disappointed as kids that these moon walkers were so, well, unathletic! Now we know why! Subject: 'Truth is like a steamroller, it will run right over you'

You're damn right finding a good shield is important!! Back in the 1960s, of course, we didn't let a little thing like space radiation get in the way of us beating the Ruskies to the Moon. But now, I guess, being that we are more cultured and sophisticated, we want to do it the right way so we have to come up with some way of shielding our spaceships. And our temporary Moon bases. And figuring out how to do that, according to NASA, could be a real showstopper. Subject : Moon Rover's superior traction?

There are, of course, numerous anomalies with the alleged moon landings. In all of the video I have seen of the moon rover scooting across the lunar surface, it seems to get awesome traction for being on a 1/6 gravity surface with thick dust and sand. Pickup trucks on earth have very little weight over the rear axle when carrying no load and have a bad tendency to "fishtail" and become hard to control on a sandy or shifting surface, such as at the beach. I would assume that such a pickup on the moon's surface would spin wheels considerably when accelerating and be nearly impossible to control, beings its weight would be 1/6 of its weight on earth.
Yet, except for the bouncing caused by the fake craters, the rover seemed easy to control, never "fishtailing" or having to spin its rear wheels a long time before achieving a good bite on the surface. If NASA has the secret for such great traction in 1/6 gravity, it would seem such would have been a great lifesaver if they would have shared such technology with the automobile manufacturers. Hydroplaning and accidents caused by hitting soft gravel and sand or ice would be a thing of the past. Just more food for thought.